About Us

Here’s a picture of us (Scott and Kelly) in Austin, Texas. Scott now resides in Boston, MA and Kelly continues to live in Austin, TX.

Hello! We’re Scott and Kelly.

Our story started at SSG Pools, New England’s largest pool builder. Scott was a pool designer and Kelly was a marketer. We shared a mutual enjoyment for helping customers with their backyards. We also shared a disappointment with the lack of helpful information on the internet helping shape homeowner’s backyard decisions.

After many conversations, we realized something. We couldn’t find an honest, reliable blog for pools, landscapes, outdoor kitchens and backyards in general. So, we decided to create one.

Backyard Assist is a blog for homeowners. For the first times in our careers, we’re not salesmen and marketers trying to sell anything. All we want to do is share our backyard expertise with homeowners. We don’t sell products or services here, we only make money from ad revenue or recommendations.

Career Experience

30 combined years in pool building

10 combined years as homeowners

10 combined years in landscape design

5 combined years as real estate investors