Are Fiberglass Pools Good In Arizona? 5 Key Questions

backyard with large beige patio and fiberglass pool with small green trees behind property line

If you are considering putting in a pool and live in the southwest, you may be aware of the big three options for pool construction. These are vinyl liner, fiberglass and shotcrete or gunite (concrete) pools. Maybe you’ve even heard some conflicting opinions. Perhaps you’ve eliminated Vinyl, and think you might be setting on fiberglass as the best option. It’s important to ask, are fiberglass pools good in Arizona?  We will break down the pros and cons of an Arizona fiberglass pool in this article.

This article was written by Scott Pancake. As a pool designer for over 20 years, he is very familiar with each type of pool construction. To make matters more personal, Scott spent the early part of his career building pools in Arizona. Therefore, he is both very experienced in the climate as well as the inground pool industry.

Are Fiberglass Pools Good In Arizona?

Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming region always plays a factor. The question of ‘are fiberglass pools good in Arizona?’ may not be the best question to ask. Nowadays, Fiberglass pools will last in Arizona just like anywhere else in the United States. Unlike other topics such as water evaporation, Arizona’s climate does not impact what type of pool you can have. As in all places, the installation of a fiberglass pool must be handled professionally. Furthermore, seek an experienced contractor who knows fiberglass pools intimately. 

Questions To Answer Are Fiberglass Pools Good In Arizona

Now you know that Arizona doesn’t determine whether a fiberglass pool is a good or not. We’ve outlined several questions you should be asking yourself to determine if a fiberglass pool is right for your backyard.

Pool Design

First, think about the design of the pool you desire. If you want a natural pool with a boulder-scape and natural rock waterfalls, a fiberglass pool is probably not for you.  It’s doable, yes, but support of the heavy weight of a natural stone waterfall is much easier with a concrete pool, needing fewer work arounds to make it happen.

Regional Norm

Next, ask yourself, what is the most common type of pool in your area? This question should be asked because you will need service and maintenance in the future.  You want a pool that can be serviced by just about anyone. With a fiberglass pool, service will not be a problem as they’re easier on water chemistry than just about any other type of pool. 

However, maintenance can be an issue if nobody in your area seems to know how fiberglass fittings are attached to the pool or how they are typically plumbed.  In Arizona, the lions share of swimming pools are shotcrete / gunite / concrete pools.

Pool Size

Better phrased as how big do you want your pool? Fiberglass pools are limited in size. This limit is determined by what can conceivably travel on the roadway legally from the location of manufacture to the installation location.  If you want a pool that’s larger in any dimension, or a custom pool in general, fiberglass is not for you.

Installation Timeframe

You may need to ask yourself, how quickly do I need my pool completed? A fiberglass pool can be completed in less than 2 weeks by an experienced installer.  There’s no other type of pool that can get you from excavation to swimming in two weeks.  If you have a tight schedule, fiberglass might be for you.

Soil Type

Finally, given the diversity of the climate and soils types in Arizona, it’s a good idea to always have a geotechnical and structural engineering team weigh in on any pool project you build.  Ask your engineering team for their recommendation on pool type in your area.

are fiberglass pools good in arizona displayed as a resounding yes as a rectangular fiberglass pool sits in arizona backyard with green turf and a white retaining wall

Are Fiberglass Pools Good In Arizona Summary

So, are fiberglass pools good in Arizona?  In our opinion, a fiberglass pool is a fine option for just about anyone looking to put a pool in.  However, in Arizona, there is a much lower cost of a gunite (concrete) pools relative to much of the rest of the country. Therefore, we feel it’s a no brainer to go with the more common option in the region.  You’ll find a much larger group of people willing to compete for your business. As a result, the pricing is far more attractive in Arizona than just about anywhere else in the country.