Are Fiberglass Pools Good In Florida?

fiberglass pool in sun room backyard in florida community

As a homeowner in Florida, choosing whether to put in a pool or not is one of the rites of passage.   Let’s say you’re leaning toward putting a pool in.  This brings up numerous additional questions.  What shape pool will work for you?  Where do you put it in your yard?  Do you have enough space to put a pool in with all the setback requirements and so on. And of course, the big question, what type of pool should you put in?  There are many pools in Florida built out of concrete using gunite or shotcrete, but what about fiberglass? Many folks find fiberglass pools are cheaper than gunite. Are fiberglass pools good in Florida?

3 Biggest Fiberglass Pool Limitations

When considering a fiberglass pool, you first must become comfortable with the fact that a fiberglass pool is limited in size.  Fiberglass pools must travel the roads and highways, and even with oversize permits, they still can’t get much wider than 16’ in most cases.  If you are looking for a big pool, fiberglass is not the pool for you.  But if you are looking for a smaller dipping pool, a wading pool, cocktail pool or something similar, a fiberglass pool just might meet your needs.

When looking at shape, fiberglass limits you to whatever pool shapes a mold has been created for already.  There is no significant customization possible with a fiberglass pool.  There may be some minor changes you can make, but if you are looking for a custom pool, fiberglass is not the pool for you.

Fiberglass pools are set with a crane, so you must have clear airspace above your backyard to lower the pool in.  You may need to trim some trees and remove any other aerial obstacles for the install of the pool.

How Long Will A Fiberglass Pool Last In Florida?

Today’s fiberglass pools will last at least 20-30 years in the Florida sunshine. Therefore, how long a fiberglass pool lasts is largely unaffected by Florida’s weather. This hasn’t always been the case. In the past there were issues with white fiberglass pools turning yellow and just not aging well. While there are ways to combat yellowing, this is only applicable for older pools. The composite pool shells being installed today are far more advanced and will reliably look great for years to come.  

Are Fiberglass Pools Good In Florida?

Aside from longevity, there are some additional factors to consider. Installing a fiberglass pool in Florida require more consideration than other parts of the country. However, fiberglass pools are a good choice for Florida. Now that you understand the general limitations behind fiberglass, the climate of Florida does not impact whether it’s a good idea. Fiberglass pools are one of the best and longest-lasting types of pools you can have in your backyard.

Challenges Behind Fiberglass Pools In Florida

The Florida water table is another matter to consider. In many parts of Florida there is groundwater very close to the surface.  This makes installation of any pool a challenge, especially fiberglass.  During construction the excavated hole will need to be kept dry with a dewatering system, and an auxiliary dewatering system should be installed which could be used anytime the pool may need to be drained in the future.  If you don’t plan for this, draining the pool can cause the pool to float like a boat.  

Additionally, backfilling the pool can be a challenge since you cannot use a compactor next to the pool shell. A lack of good compaction will cause decks to sink, soil to consolidate and the pool area to have trip hazards as the deck becomes out of level.  This can be prevented by using flowable fill or other no-compaction necessary solutions to backfilling. 

However, it’s not uncommon for inexperienced fiberglass installers to cut corners on the backfill method.  Make sure you know the backfill method before you sign a contract to build a fiberglass pool.

are fiberglass pools good in florida answered with a small fiberglass pool in a floridian backyard

Are Fiberglass Pools Good In Florida Summary

Are fiberglass pools good in Florida?  The answer is a resounding yes. You just need to make sure you have factored in some of the potential issues with building a pool in Florida, and you will be just fine.  We would recommend always pricing out other construction methods to build your pool.  You may find a concrete pool built with gunite or shotcrete costs nearly the same as a fiberglass pool.