Are Infinity Pools Safe? 4 Reasons Why Not

are infinity pools safe? answered

This Article Was Last Updated on December 21, 2022

If you’re wondering “are infinity pools safe?”, the answer is a resounding NO. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider one. People do unsafe things all the time. The answer to any question related to pools and safety always should be answered as no, pools in general are not safe

Think for a moment about any residential swimming pool.  An open body of water often in close proximity to the home, surrounded by entertaining space.  Think about what happens in the entertaining space.  Are people drinking?  Have the parents left children unattended? There’s no shortage of dangerous possibilities.

In this article, we’ll highlight some of the danger areas and how to protect yourself. Don’t be discouraged from buying a pool just because there are safety concerns. If you’re aware and responsible, you will stay safe and enjoy your backyard pool.

are infinity pools safe? rules and danger areas

Pool Safety 101: Check Children’s Swimming Ability

Do you have small children? Have you taught your children to swim?  There are numerous swimming lesson programs out there through YMCA and other organizations which focus on teaching young children the basics of water safety and how to swim.  We encourage anyone considering a pool to first get the swimming lessons and make sure their children are proficient swimmers before installing a swimming pool.  This doesn’t remove the need to watch kids around water.  You can control how well your own children can swim but there’s not much you can do for their friends so this means you still must watch children constantly around water.

Pool Safety 102: Check Pool’s Code Compliance

Construction defects have been responsible for a number of swimming pool injuries and deaths over the years. If you bought a house with an existing pool, you must get the pool inspected for code compliance.  It is hard to believe but even a 5 or 10 year old pool may have glaring defects like single suction outlets in the floor which have not been designed to comply with the Virginia Graeme Baker act.  Unfortunately, most home inspectors do not know or understand swimming pools. Therefore, they will not pick up on these defects during a home inspection.  

Are Infinity Pools Safe? Falling Over The Edge

Infinity pools in particular get homeowners concerned about safety. Their unique design brings in all sorts of safety questions.  The most common we see is “if I’m floating on the surface will I flow over the edge?”  In short, no, you will not.  Not without a big push from someone at least.  The height of the meniscus or the height of the water flowing over most modern infinity edges are in the range of 1/32” of water to 1/4” of water.  The amount of water you displace (no offense), is much larger than this and this means you will hit the pool structure before you go over the edge

Are Infinity Pools Safe? Walking On Water Wall

This doesn’t mean care doesn’t need to be taken around an infinity edge pools though as plenty of other risks exist.  Any pool should be considered potentially dangerous and infinity pools are no exception.  Beyond the danger of your everyday pool there’s the weir wall, or the wall the water flows over.  This is often nearly flat and sometimes the risk averse will try and walk on this slippery surface. Therefore, do not ever attempt to balance or rest on top of the water-flowing wall.

It seems obvious to most, but think about the least responsible person you knew in high school. You can probably envision the type of person who would try and balance across an infinity edge weir.  Everyone knows one, or two.  Maybe that’s you and hopefully you’ve channeled your adrenaline seeking behavior into rock climbing or skydiving.

Are Infinity Pools Safe Bottom Line

An infinity edge is one of the most beautiful design choices you can make in your new backyard swimming pool.  When executed properly it’s a stunning effect. We have built many infinity pools during our years in the industry. As long as you know the answer to “are infinity pools safe” and how to protect yourself, you will be fine.

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