4 Best Above Ground Pool Seats Of 2023

best black above ground pool seats lined up outside on tan deck of pool

Once you finally have your pool installed and open for the swim season it can feel like you have figured it all out.  You finally have that place to float and swim, all in the privacy of your own backyard.  It feels like perfection at first, but there’s something missing.  You want that resort feature of a seat in the swimming pool. Maybe you’re even planning to make a full swim up bar. What if you could just sit and hang out in the pool?  What options are there for above ground pool seats?  

2 Most Affordable Above Ground Pool Seats

When considering an above ground pool seat there are not as many options out there as you might guess.  You’ve probably seen the pool noodle chairs, which while fun are not the most stable option out there.  You can float, but never really relax since balancing the seat is mostly your job, and it doesn’t take much to flip you over.  

Then there are the pool hammocks which work a bit better than the noodle chairs. When using, you are basically lying down. Unfortunately, as soon as you lift your head, the balance is thrown off and you’re no longer seated. These are great pool toys, awesome for lying in the pool and relaxing. However, they’re not the product for best above ground pool seats.

Best Above Ground Pool Seats – Envy Pool Stool

Enter the Envy ENV00300 Pool Stool.  These are purpose designed above ground pool seats.  The plastic seat is filed with pool water so it will sink and rest on the floor.  Once you have it in the pool, you now have a seat. 

Envy Pool Products ENV00300 Pool Stool, White
  • The Pool Stool is a patented design submergible bar stool that fits directly in the pool
  • Water intake holes fill the stool with water and sink the stool to the bottom of the pool
  • White color to replicate the stone at high end pools at the finest resorts

Unlike a patio chair which could puncture the liner, the Envy Pool Stool is designed with a flat base to be safe for use inside vinyl lined above ground swimming pools. Still however, it’s a good idea to keep movement to a minimum, and if you’re concerned about the pool stool scratching your pool liner, you can always use a ladder mat where you plan on putting the stool.

white above ground pool seats in pool with blue interior

If you don’t like the white of the Envy Pool Stool, there is another option which is relatively new to the market and at a similar price point.  We don’t have experience with this product, but the initial reviews are positive.  We can’t recommend it yet, but if you want to check it out it’s the Pool Seat by Liquidseat.  One of the features we like about the Liquidseat design is the foot rests around the perimeter and the color options.

Pool Seat by Liquidseat- Charcoal Granite
  • Easily added amenity to your pool that creates ” an experience & swim up feel”
  • Self righting ( just throw in the pool in any direction, and will sit properly on the pool bottom)
  • Built in weighting system, No additional weight needed (Weighing only 18lb, it’s just heavy enough to sink & easily remove from the pool when…

Above Ground Pool Seat Summary

Keep in mind when purchasing any pool stool for your above ground pool seating needs, your pool is likely deeper than the pools shown in the marketing literature.  Often marketing literature will show pools which are 36” or 42” deep. Whereas the typical above ground is 48” deep or deeper.  You will still get use out of the pool stool, but just make sure you are prepared for the difference in depth.