Best Aluminum Garden Cart 2023 Reviews

aluminum garden cart and wheelbarrow in backyard garden

Shopping for a garden cart can be overwhelming.  Do you want the old faithful wood garden cart?  Or do you want the new and fancy Gorilla cart?  Maybe you want a cart that’s lighter and easy to store?  What is the best aluminum garden cart?  We will review the best aluminum garden carts here, and give you our choice.

Aluminum Garden Cart Benefits

First, why would you want an aluminum garden cart?  Aluminum is a material often used where corrosion is something you need to avoid. Unlike steel garden carts, an aluminum cart is not going to rust easily.  Yes, it’s possible for aluminum to corrode, but in general it takes far longer.  

Next, there’s the weight of an aluminum garden cart.  Aluminum is far lighter than wood or steel, yet has the strength for most day to day activities.  The weight to strength ratio is partly why aluminum is so common in construction of airplanes.

Best Aluminum Garden Cart Reviews

There are a lot more options for aluminum garden carts than wooden garden carts. The main consideration besides the cart design is the weight capacity. If you are not worried about weight, focus on the most ergonomic cart design. We reviewed two handfuls of aluminum garden carts and are showcasing the two best options for you.

Tipke 2100 Marine Fold-it Aluminum Garden Cart

With a garden cart, the most common design of aluminum versions is a copy of the old wood versions.  They have the traditional shape, but are far lighter and easier to operate.  Take the Tipke 2100 Marine Fold-it for example.

Tipke 2100 Marine Fold-It Utility Cart
  • Fold-up utility cart for use in marine environments
  • Carries up to 350 pounds of gear to take on and off boats
  • Marine-grade aluminum prevents rust and corrosion

This cart can handle 350 pounds, roughly the size of the mid-size wood cart, yet can fold up for storage.  You can use this cart on the beach to haul your cooler and beach blanket, and not have to worry about it being covered in rust the next day.

Though the Tipke 2100 is not going to be able to haul as much as the Gorilla cart, you wouldn’t want it to anyhow.  Unlike the Gorilla carts, the Tipke requires you to pick up one end of the cart while you haul the load, so heavy loads would be impossible to move anyhow.  

The Tipke 2100 comes with an open back from the factory, but you can buy a full height rear gate to make this a fully enclosed cart, which can be especially helpful if you’re hauling around potted plants or if you’re filling your cart up with leaves or weeds.

Deck Edge Smart Aluminum Garden Cart

Another popular cart is the Dock Edge Smart Cart.  The Dock Edge cart is definitely a nice looking cart. It has the retro corrugated metal appearance.  

Dock Edge + Smart Cart/Fold a Cart and Dock Side
  • Manufactured with corrosion resist aluminum frame and panels
  • Removable ends and collapsible frame for easy storage
  • EZ roll pneumatic tires

Also, it comes standard with the back gate installed, so you don’t have to purchase that separately like you do with the Tipke 2100.  The Dock Edge Smart Cart is similar in look and function as the Tipke 2100, but has some potential flaws we’ll get into here.  

One of the biggest complaints is the plastic knobs breaking.  It should be noted, Dock Edge is very responsive to the warranty claims, and always promptly replace broken parts.  However, you can’t help but wonder if there could have been a different attachment method used.

close up of best aluminum garden cart with green plants inside on grass

There are also some complaints of the metal edges being sharp. This is always going to be the case with an aluminum cart however, so I would dismiss this, as you’d probably want to consider a plastic or wood cart if sharp edges are a concern.

Best Aluminum Garden Cart Summary

Ultimately, we’d recommend the Tipke 2100 as the cart of choice if you’re in the market for an aluminum cart.  These are great for hauling stuff down the dock to your boat, or getting your weeds picked up from around the yard, and have a long track record of providing the best aluminum garden cart.