Best Cyanuric Acid Reducer + How To Use It

pool chemicals on the patio of an inground pool

There are two readings you don’t want to see off the scale when you test your pool water.  One of them is calcium hardness, the other is cyanuric acid.  We’ve gone over lowering calcium hardness and how to solve that conundrum. But what about cyanuric acid?  What can you use as a cyanuric acid reducer?

2 Ways To Reduce Cyanuric Acid In A Pool

There are two methods for reducing cyanuric acid in a swimming pool.  Like calcium hardness, the first is to drain the pool part way, and refill.  This will cost you some, as you’ll have to pay to have water delivered to refill the pool, or pay for your municipal water to refill the pool.  However, as we often mention, it’s a good idea to contact your municipal water source and let them know you’re filling your pool.  That way you wont pay for the sewer portion of the water bill which often is paid for separately.  

Since draining and refilling is the most common solution for a cyanuric acid reducer, most pool professionals stop there. In fact, they act like that’s all there is.  Unfortunately, in the pool business there is a mantra that sounds something like this: “daddy did it that way, so that’s the way I do it”.  While there definitely is some wisdom found in the way things have always been done, you can miss out on technological solutions which improve your quality of life.  

Cyanuric Acid Reducer Disclaimer

One of these improvements is cyanuric acid reducer.  Now before we go too far on this, you must be warned that this product is temperamental. You must and I mean absolutely must follow the directions completely and not leave anything out. If one parameter of the requirements is left out, it will not work correctly, and you’ll get a partial result, or no results at all.  

What’s The Best Cyanuric Acid Reducer Kit?

With that disclaimer in place, we can begin to talk about the cyanuric acid reducer two part chemical treatment program.  Natural Chemistry manufactures NC07431 CYA Removal Kit, and though it has mixed reviews, it does work as advertised. 

Natural Chemistry NC07431 Natural Chem CYA Removal Kit
  • Reduces high levels of cyanuric acid
  • Two-part system works without the need to drain or dilute water

However, you must have water that’s within a certain temperature range, a certain chemistry levels, and so on.  You really cannot leave anything out if you want this to work.

How To Use Cyanuric Acid Reducer

Make sure you follow the instructions included with your kit, or those provided on the manufacturers website.  Below is a quick write up including a few tips on making the process work smoothly for this particular kit.

To begin, your chlorine level MUST be between 1 and 3 PPM. If your chlorine is above 3 PPM or at 3 PPM, you’ll need to reduce your chlorine level using the Step 1 product.  If you are within 1-3 PPM you do not need to use the Step 1 product, but you still need to manage your water chemistry.  Get used to keeping your pool at exactly 1-2 PPM, because throughout the removal process, you must maintain those chlorine levels or the removal system will not work correctly.  Do not shock the pool during removal.

Required Chemistry For Cyanuric Acid Reducer

  • Chlorine: 1-3 PPM
  • Alkalinity: 80-120 PPM
  • PH: 7.2-7.8
  • Phosphates: below 100 PPB
  • Temperature: Above 65 degrees Fahrenheit

Make sure you test for phosphates.  Especially if you live in the midwest, or anywhere near large farms. You may have more phosphates in your pool than you realize. These will definitely cause a problem for the cyanuric acid reducer if they’re high going into the removal process.

Picture of Step 1 and Step 2 of Cyanuric Acid Reducer Packaging

How Step 1 Of The CYA Removal Kit Works

If you need to reduce your chlorine level, you’ll use Step 1 chlorine reducer using the following dosing:  2.5 Oz will lower 10,000 gallons by 1 PPM.  

For example, if your pool is 25,000 gallons, and your chlorine level is 4 PPM, your goal should be 2 PPM.  

First, let’s figure out how much Step 1 you’ll need to use to drop the chlorine level by 1 PPM in a 25,000 gallon pool, you will need:

2.5 (ounces) x 2.5 (10,000’s) = 6.25 ounces of Step 1 to reduce 25,000 gallons by 1 PPM.

To drop the chlorine level by 2 PPM in a 25,000 gallon pool you will need:

6.25 (ounces) x 2 = 12.5 ounces of Step 1.  

You’ll need to do this math for your pool if your chlorine level is above the 1-3 PPM range.  If your pool is within 1-3 PPM already, you don’t need to use Step 1.

How Step 2 Of The CYA Removal Kit Works

Once you add the correct dose of Step 1 to your pool (which may be nothing at all depending on your chlorine levels), you are ready to move on to Step 2.

Step 2 treats up to 25,000 gallons with cyanuric acid levels up to 150 PPM.  

First, test the pool with the cyanuric acid test strips provided with the kit to see where your starting point is for reference.

Next, add the contents of Step 2 into a 5 gallon bucket of water between 75-90 degrees Fahrenheit.  Swirl around slowly, then let it sit for 4 hours minimum. This is dangerous, keep it away from children. Do not let this bucket out of your sight for these 4 hours.

After 4 hours has passed, make sure the pool is running and slowly pour the contents of the 5 gallon bucket into the skimmer.  If you don’t have skimmers, pour into the pool, spreading the mixture around the pool as best you can.  

We recommend keeping the pool running continuously during this process, 24 hours a day for between 7 and 10 days.  The manufacturer requests you run the pool for 4 hours minimum after adding the remover, and then making sure it is running each day as you normally would after that.  However, we always recommend 24 hour circulation whenever you are trying to remove anything from the water, be it metals or cyanuric acid.  Constant filtration is hugely beneficial to the removal process.

Make sure you keep your water chemistry maintained and in the Required chemistry ranges throughout the cyanuric acid reducer process.  After the 7-10 days has passed, you should see your cyanuric acid has dropped considerably

Cyanuric Acid Reducer Summary

There are two ways to reduce your cyanuric acid. The first is by draining your pool and re-testing your pool water. The second is by getting a CYA removal kit. However, if you elect to purchase a kit, you will need to follow the instructions very carefully. Use the examples we’ve outlined above and good luck reducing your CYA.