Best Fire Pit Mat For Wood Deck Guide

Best Fire Pit Mat For Wood Deck Guide

A fire pit should bring joy, not fear to your backyard. You should feel comfortable placing your fire pit wherever you want, including on your wood deck. However, whenever fire gets near wood, fear is imminent. This case be prevented by adding a fire pit mat in between your wood deck and fire pit. It’ll catch the embers and keep you safe. In this article, we’ll help you find the proper and best fire pit mat for wood deck surfaces in your backyard.

How Much Does A Fire Pit Mat Cost?

Fire pits can get costly depending on what type you choose. However, don’t worry, a fire pit mat doesn’t cost a fortune. A safe range for a good fire pit mat is between $25 and $75. In fact, there are several good quality fire pit mats that are closer to the $25 end of that range. Protecting your wood deck from the risk of fire can be done affordably.

What Is The Best Fire Pit Mat For Wood Deck Surfaces?

When it comes to something like your safety, it’s best not to skimp. In this guide, we identify the best fire pit mat for wood deck surfaces. It also happens to be the most expensive fire pit mat. At the time of this article, it’s around $55. We strongly urge you to not try to save $20 at the risk of having an inferior fire mat.

Best Fire Pit Mat For Wood Deck: Campfire Defender Original Ember Mat

Best Fire Pit Mat For Wood Deck Guide Showing The Campside Defender In A Backyard

Make no mistake about it, this is the best fire pit mat for your wood deck. It checks all the boxes that we look for when evaluating fire pit mats. First, it’s a large size at roughly 5 feet by 5 1/2 feet. You want a fire pit mat that can account for embers flying a couple feet from the fire pit’s center. Next, it has up to 30 minutes of land time before an ember needs to be put out. Therefore, you don’t have to constantly watch the fire pit for falling debris. You can rest easy, go to the bathroom or even heat up some food or make a cocktail.

This fire pit mat also protects your wood deck from stains. It’s made to prevent grease from seeping through onto your deck. If you end up using your fire pit to heat up food or are using propane, you don’t need to be concerned with drippage. Finally, because people have all different experiences, we always examine the reviews. This product dazzles with over 4.5 stars from 2,200 happy customers just like us that believe it’s the best fire pit mat for wood deck surfaces.


While there are many fire pit mats on the market that could protect your wood deck, the Campside Defender Original Ember Mat is the best. It’s not the least expensive or flashiest fire pit mat, but it gets the job done. Trust it to keep your wood deck safe and you won’t be disappointed.