Best Fire Pit Under $100 Selection Guide

Fire pit in backyard with couple sitting nearby

This Article Was Last Updated on January 6, 2023

Adding a fire pit to your backyard is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in cooler temperatures. There are many options for affordable fire pits under $100. While that seems like good news, it can be hard to distinguish the quality. We’re here to assist you in finding the best fire pit under $100. After all, you don’t need to spend a fortune just to stay warm and roast some marshmallows.

How To Find The Best Fire Pit Under $100

Before we breakdown our favorite fire pit under $100, let’s cover the things we always look for in a good fire pit. Some of these are attributes, some of these are included accessories and others are just our personal preferences. Here’s a list of our must-have features for us to consider deeming a product our favorite fire pit under $100.

  • Size (unless dealing with tight space, bigger is better)
  • Cover included (avoid rust when it rains or falling leaves)
  • Versatility (ease of adjusting the fire between cooking and roaring)
  • Consistency (we’re a team of two, so overall reviews/ratings is still important)

Why This Criteria Matters

Before you set out to find the best fire pit under $100, you need to make sure you don’t compromise on what you want. As the criteria suggests, we want a large fire pit, probably more than 30 inches. The more fire you produce, the larger the area you can warm. To avoid maintenance issues, it’s best to have a fire pit cover and keep it on whenever the fire pit is not in use.

Best fire pit under $100 with various stools scattered around a backyard and meat grilling on top of it

Next, you want a fire pit that can accomodate your needs for every occasion. Fire pits sometimes come with a grate. This is very useful as you can simmer the fire down and rest food easily. It’s much easier to cook with a lower flame. Conversely, you also want a dome-shaped lid that will allow you to grow the fire to its peak when you aren’t cooking. Some fire pits are even designed to be used as a cooler in the summer, holding ice amongst your favorite drinks.

Lastly, you want consistency. Just because we tested these fire pits and had a good experience doesn’t mean everyone does. Therefore, we like to still look at the reviews and ratings to make the product is consistent. This is also where we learn from other’s mistakes such as how to care for the product and additional ways we can use the fire pit.

Best Fire Pit Under $100 Guide

Enough with the small talk, let’s look at the fire pits that impressed us. We never offer up just our favorite fire pit. After all, the term “best” is subjective, so instead we included a few fire pits that are worth recommending. All of these are good options, but we did rank them in order of what we think is the best fire pit under $100.

Best Fire Pit Under $100: LEMY Faux-Stone Finish Fire Pit

LEMY 32 inch Outdoor Fire Pit Square Metal Firepit Backyard Patio Garden Stove Wood Burning Fire Pit W/Rain Cover,…
  • Durability: The LEMY outdoor fire pit adopts durable steel mesh and strong frame. The steel structure design makes this fire pit durable
  • Multifunctional: Sturdy design with special patterns, very suitable for heating, grilling and cooling drinks and food in the…
  • Design: This decorative square fire pit uses a charming artificial stone line design with DIY splicing function

This fire pit may not be Amazon’s choice at the time of this review, but it’s certainly our best fire pit under $100. This fire pit checks all the boxes of worthy criteria above. Best of all, ringing in closer to $50 than $100, the LEMY is 30% less than some of the other highly-rated options you’ll find out there. Rest assured that you’re in good hands, there are over 3,000 reviews and 4+ stars on this backyard addition.

Most Reliable Fire Pit: Yaheetech Fire Pit Table

Yaheetech Multifunctional Fire Pit Table 32in Square Metal Firepit Stove Backyard Patio Garden Fireplace for Camping,…
  • Color: Black; Material: Steel & Polyester Bag; Overall Dimension (with Lid): 31.97 x 31 x 19.7’’ (LxWxH); Overall Dimension (without Lid): 31.97 x…
  • Features with mesh lid to prevent burning embers blowing; poker can be used to stoke fire and remove the mesh lid
  • Comes with suitable outer cover to keep clean and avoid getting rusty by water or rain when not in use

This was the first fire pit we saw when searching around the internet and it lived up to our expectations. It’s comparable to the LEMY model above with a few key differences. First, it comes in two different sizes. Whereas the LEMY is strictly a 32 inch fire pit, the Yaheetech is available in 32 or 34 inches. Unfortunately, the 34 inch model bumps the price above $100.

Due to these two models being so similar, the decision came down to price and the 32 inch Yaheetech was significantly higher. However, if you’re a stickler for reviews, the Yaheetech does have double its rival with over 7,500 ratings.

Runner Up: Pleasant Hearth Brant Round Fire Pit

Pleasant Hearth OFW106R Brant Round, 30-Inch fire Pit, Regular, Rubbed Bronze
  • 30″ fire bowl is perfect to build a warm fire
  • Mesh cover to reduce the number of escaping sparks
  • Wood grate provides improved oxygen circulation for a consistent fire

If you are searching for a round fireplace, you might prefer the Pleasant Hearth. This fire pit doesn’t come with as many fancy accessories. However, it does exceed the 30 inch size threshold. Additionally, the price is well under $100 and despite under 1,000 ratings, nearly all reviewers were left satisfied. Personally, we don’t see a reason to get the Pleasant Hearth when the LEMY is more impressive and available for a lower price. However, this is a good fire pit and we acknowledge that aesthetics play a factor.


Now you have a few high-quality fire pit options all under $100. We hope that you also under the criteria that separates a good fire pit from a cheap one. New products are launched all the time. Even though we strive to update this guide often, we want you to feel confident that you know how to identify the best fire pit under $100 for yourself, too. If the products in this guide feel too small or lack the style you desire, chances are that you’re in the wrong place. See our fire pit cost guide for the four tiers of fire pits and their associated price ranges.