What’s The Best Pattern To Mow Lawn?

ballpark lawn mowed into backyard with large green trees in background and brown fence on the right side

When you first start mowing there can be some trepidation about the ‘right’ way to mow.  How long should you mow the grass?  Should you start by going around the entire lawn perimeter then slowly work your way into mowing the smaller areas? Ultimately, the first thing you learn when you go onto mowing forums or facebook groups is there’s many different ideas. However, if you are looking for the best pattern to mow lawn, there are some easy tricks to make sure it looks its best.  However, the experimentation is up to you.  We can give you some ideas to start with, but every lawn is different and yours is no exception.

How To Achieve A Lawn Mowing Pattern

First, there’s how to make the best pattern in your lawn.  One of the first things to consider when trying to find best pattern to mow lawn can at first seem counterintuitive.  If you want to mow a pattern into your lawn, you really should not be mowing the lawn very short.  Try mowing your lawn at a higher setting.  This gives the blades of grass the ability to bend over. Therefore, they will form that continuous look you are seeking.  Much like short hair which simply sticks straight up, short lawns cannot easily be mowed into patterns.

Yes you may say but what about golf courses?  Yes, it’s not easy to mow them into patterns when they’re short, but it certainly is possible.  To maximize the pattern showing up in your lawn, you may want to consider a lawn roller.  Lawn rollers can be attached to your push or riding lawn mower. This lets you push the grass down the same time you mow.  Although, it’s important to keep in mind that you must keep your lines straight to maximize the look. Of course it’ll be a learning curve at first, but you’ll get used to what happens as you roll over the grass.

curved pattern showing best pattern to mow lawn in a wide backyard with black patio behind home

Best Pattern To Mow Lawn Theories

There are different theories as to how to mow the lawn. To maximize the patterns and make it look its best, we recommend first mowing a strip around the perimeter of the lawn area you plan on mowing a pattern into.  Then, mow back and forth in a straight line alternating directions in a pre-planned method. 

If you prefer a diamond shape, mow your back and forth strips diagonally.  A checkerboard can be done by going parallel to the house or street.  Whatever you fancy, the important part is to go around the perimeter upon completion and roll down the outer edge to give the final frame to the lawn area.

What’s The Best Pattern To Mow Lawn?

If you’re simply looking for the best pattern to mow lawn without considering how it’ll look, we’d recommend the circle method.  Go around the outside of the property one or two times, then break off smaller sections and go around in circles until you clear the area.  Then move on to the next section and so on.  When you’re complete, you’ll appreciate how easy is is to keep track of your progress.

You’re not going to get the fancy checkerboard look, but it’s a lot easier on the back as you’re not doing a 180 degree turn at the end of every strip of lawn.  Obviously, if you’re not trying to create strips, I’d omit the lawn roller and instead just use the mower as it was designed.

striped lawn with different shades of green and a homeowner riding an orange lawn mower in the backyard showing the best pattern to mow lawn

Best Pattern To Mow Lawn Summary

Determining the best pattern to mow lawn depends on a few factors. First, the amount of effort you’re willing to put forth. The circle method is by far the easiest, but not necessarily the prettiest. Next, what type of grass do you have? There are better lawn mowers for each specific type. For example, here’s a guide to the best lawn mower for bermuda grass. Lastly, don’t mow your lawn too short or you avoid being able to style it.