Best pH Reducer For Pools: 5 Top Picks

Homeowner adding pH reducer to inground pool in backyard

If your pool’s water chemistry is out of balance, you need to take matters into your own hands. One of the most common pool chemical issues is having high pH. A noteworthy level is anything above 7.6 pH. When you exceed 7.6, it’s time to locate and add a pH reducer. Luckily, pH reducer is a very safe product and there are many reputable brands to choose from. In this article, we will explain what is pH reducer, how to reduce pH levels in your pool and recommend the best pH reducers.

What Is pH Reducer?

pH reducer is a life saver for pool chemistry. It’s common for pH levels to fall out of balance and when that happens, you need a chemical solution that will restore levels. pH reducer can be a powder or liquid comprised of sodium bisulfate which is an acid salt dissolvable in water. It works by neutralizing alkalinity, which is the measure of the water’s ability to resist changes in pH.

How To Reduce pH In Pool

To reduce pH in your pool, you’ll need a chemical specific to pools and accomplishing the task at hand. There are not multiple ways to reduce the pH level in your pool. Using a pH reducer is the singular way to fix rebalance your pool’s pH level. If your pool’s pH levels rise above 7.6, it’s time to add pH reducer.

Best pH Reducers For Pools Guide

  1. Clorox pH Down
  2. EcoClean Solutions pH Reducer
  3. In The Swim pH Reducer
  4. Aqua Clear pH Decreaser
  5. SpaGuard pH Decreaser

Best pH Reducer For Small Pools: Clorox pH Down

Clorox pH reducer bag

If you have a small pool, Clorox’s pH Down product is an affordable and effective choice. If you have a salt water pool, this solution is especially useful. This solution is available in a 5lb powder mix that can be easily added to pools.

Best pH Reducer For Large Pools: EcoClean Solutions pH Reducer

EcoClean pH Reducer pail

EcoClean Solutions makes a great pH reducer available in increments of 25 or 50 lb buckets. Their bucket comes with a helpful chart to know exactly how much to add to your pool depending on your current pH levels and the gallonage of your pool.

Homeowner considering adding pH reducer to pool after pool chemical test

pH Reducer For Pools Summary

pH reducer will help restore your pool’s levels when they reach above the healthy amount of 7.6 pH. Using a pH reducer is much safer than alternatives such as muriatic acid. For small pools, use Clorox’s pH Down. For larger pools, consider EcoClean Solutions pH reducer. We recommend waiting 24 hours after adding pH reducer before you consider adding more. Another common problem with pools is knowing how to lower alkalinity.