Best Pool Cleaner Caddy 2023 Reviews

robotic pool cleaner next to an inground pool overlooking a big green garden

Upon purchasing a robotic pool cleaner, you may have noticed one unfortunate aspect. When you brought the box inside it’s hard not to nice the sheer weight of the item.  It can be shocking to learn your new pool cleaner weighs as much as 50 pounds.  It doesn’t take long for you to determine you need an alternative for getting your pool cleaner to and from the pool. You could use a garden cart in the meantime, but you eventually ought to consider a pool cleaner caddy.

Robotic Pool Cleaner Evolution

Robotic pool cleaners have grown in popularity in the past 15 years. In fact, they are now commonly found in backyards across the world.  Whenever you have such a proliferation of a product, you start to get an idea of what causes pool cleaners to break.  In the old days, some of them would stop working if you had a lot of pine needles or acorns.  Now though, pool cleaners are engineered so well they rarely run into a debris type which disables them.  Instead, most problems are caused by damage when they’re out of the pool.

Why Is A Pool Cleaner Caddy Necessary?

Pool cleaners are bulky, heavy, and difficult to carry.  Though you want to use two hands to lift it because of the weight, the wet pool cleaner then is pressed into your belly, not to mention the power cord.  Maybe you strain to carry it across the yard with one hand only to wake up to a tweaked back the next day.  This is where the pool cleaner caddy has become more and more popular.  In our opinion, you should have a pool caddy solution of some sort whenever you have a robotic pool cleaner to move around.

homeowner carting a pool cleaner caddy across an inground pool with a gray waterfall

The problems don’t end with pool cleaners being a potential strain on your body.  Whenever you are carrying something that’s a little too bulky and a little too heavy, there’s the chance you’ll drop it when you stumble. Dropping your pool cleaner is one of the major causes of damage. This is the other main reason we recommend a pool cleaner caddy.

Some pool cleaners are available wrapped into a kit with a pool cleaner caddy. Especially Dolphin brand cleaners like the Nautilus CC Plus and the Explorer E30. If you have a lap pool, or are manager at a commercial swimming pool facility you need a different solution. Consider the Dolphin Wave which comes with its own purpose built caddy.

Best Overall Pool Cleaner Caddy: Dolphin Universal Caddy

For the everyday pool cleaner, the Dolphin Pool Cleaner Caddy is a good fit.  These work for just about any robotic pool cleaner on the market. If you’re purely interested in this caddy, visit our Dolphin pool caddy review.

Dolphin Genuine Accessory — Universal Caddy for Any Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner — Easy to Transport and Store Your…
  • EASY TRANSPORT: Easily move and store your Dolphin robotic pool vacuum cleaner with the Universal Caddy. The Universal Caddy makes it easy to move…
  • TANGLE-FREE CABLE AND POWER SUPPLY HOLDER: No more tangled robot cables! The tangle-free cable holder keeps your cable, power supply cord, and power…
  • QUICK & EASY ASSEMBLY: The Universal Caddy is easy to assemble out of the box. With the added instructions, assembly takes 15 minutes or less. The…

One feature we like from Dolphin is the ability to move the cleaner without bending over unlike the Hayward Pool Cleaner Caddy.  The Hayward pool cleaner caddy also says it only works with specific Hayward models. Despite saying that, it would work for just about any cleaner on the market. 

However, we wouldn’t recommend it. The caddy is not designed well for moving the cleaner further than a few feet (unless you like being bent over while you move it). The Hayward is priced at nearly the same price point as the Dolphin pool cleaner caddy. When you add that, we don’t think it’s a great solution for anyone.

Best Premium Pool Cleaner Caddy: Terra Premium Caddy

There is a premium option on the market, the Terra Premium CaddyThis pool cleaner caddy is made of high quality bamboo and is a heavy duty, nice looking option. However, there is not a caddy cover option. Therefore, it may not be a good fit if you’re planning to leave your cleaner outdoors on the caddy between uses. Instead, you may want to consider the Dolphin instead. 

Terra Premium Caddy for Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners – All-New Patent-Pending Design for Pool Robot Mobility, Storage &…
  • As functional as it is beautiful, the patent-pending Terra Robot Caddy is made specifically for protecting, storing and transporting your Dolphin…
  • Classic Style. Backyards always have room for a more style. The emotion-stirring Bamboo design clearly announces the presence of something unique.
  • Exclusive design features include a specially designed center console allow robot essentials like the power supply and cable to remain neatly &…

Though the Terra has some negative reviews, the reason is primarily a hardware related one.  You need to self assemble the Terra caddy and apparently they haven’t figured out their quality control on hardware quite like IKEA.  Ultimately, you may need to make a trip to the hardware store to finish assembly. Although, the Terra pool cleaner caddy is one of the nicest, well built caddy options on the market today.  

Caddy For Pool Cleaners Summary

Hopefully this has been a helpful overview of the pool cleaner caddy options on the market.  Though there’s always another option out there, we believe a caddy will be the difference between regularly using your robotic pool cleaner and not.  If you know every time you go to put the robotic pool cleaner into the pool you risk injury to yourself or the robotic pool cleaner, you’ll be less likely to use it.  When you don’t use your robotic pool cleaner your pool may not be ready when you or your guests want to.  A pool cleaner caddy is a little thing that makes life just a bit easier.