5 Best Pool Gate Locks For Homeowners

pool gate lock on square fence in backyard near pool

This Article Was Last Updated on January 20, 2023

Having a pool in your backyard is exciting. However, it can also be nerve racking as pools are dangerous for pets and children. As a homeowner, you’ll need to be sure to install pool gate locks on all of the entryways into your backyard. These entryways are commonly a square fence or gate around the perimeter of your backyard.

In this article, we will explain the importance of pool gate locks. We will also explain the criteria around finding the best one and recommend our top pick. As a team, we have over 30+ years in the pool industry so rest assured we’ve seen our fair share of pool gate locks and can recommend which ones function properly and are durable.

Why Are Pool Gate Locks Important?

Pool gate locks are important because it helps to prevent unauthorized access to a pool area. They simple latching systems are important safety measure to help keep children and pets safe. Additionally, it can help protect the pool area from vandalism and theft. In some parts of the country, pool gate locks are even required by law.

5 Best Pool Gate Locks For Homeowners

We’ve saved you some time and found the best pool gate locks on the market. Then we compared the features, prices and other important details for these pool gate locks. Overall, we found the MagnaLatch by D&D Technologies to be the most impressive.

#1 For Best Pool Gate Locks: D&D Technologies MagnaLatch

D&D Technologies ML3VPKA MagnaLatch Vertical Pull, Child & Pet Safety Magnetic Gate Latch and Lock, for Any Square Gate
  • SAFETY FOR CHILDREN & PETS – For over 30 years MagnaLatch has set the standard for safety gates around the home and garden; this vertical pull latch…
  • MAGNETIC LATCHING TECHNOLOGY – The powerful magnets behind this industry leading technology are fully sealed internally to protect from the elements
  • ADJUSTABILITY -Vertically and horizontally adjustable with alignment markers for simple installation and enables you to adjust for ground shift or…

The MagnaLatch has impressed us for years. For starters, it’s an easy addition to relatively any gate. As long as your fence or gate is square shaped, the MagnaLatch takes just a few minutes to install. Next, its vertical design protects against your kids and pets. Lastly, the MagnaLatch is made of quality material. It’s manufactured in Australia whereas many other pool gate locks are made in China. You can see and feel the difference right away as this pool gate lock doesn’t rust or fall apart, even after years of use.

Best Pool Gate Locks: Runner Up

Our reasoning for each of these pool gate locks being “runner up” status is due to two issues. First, the quality of materials that the locks are built with is inferior to the MagnaLatch. Therefore, while the latches still work, they either rust out or fall apart quickly. Second, many of these products were more complicated to assemble.

Is A Pool Gate Lock Required By Law?

Many homeowners wonder if a pool gate lock is even require by law. The answer is that it depends on where you live. In most states, having a fence around a pool is mandatory. However, in some areas, pool owners are required to have a lockable pool gate, too.

Best Gate Locks Testing Criteria

Child Proofing: If your fence is high enough, you want your unlocking mechanism to be out of reach for small children. This manifests in a vertically positioned pool gate lock with the opening lever on top. That way, if your fence is 5 or 6 feet high, it requires an adult to enter.

Child attempting to reach MagnaLatch, the best gate locks manufacturer

Weather Proofing: This attribute is extremely important if you live in an area that experiences lots of snow, rain or freezing temperatures. You do not want your pool gate lock rusting out right away or malfunctioning in poor weather. Look for a mention of weather resistance when evaluating the best pool gate locks.

Quality and Reviews: The quality of materials and product reviews a pool gate lock has go hand in hand. After all, you’re not going to purchase every single pool gate lock and test out the materials. Instead, rely on the reviews of others who’ve come before you. Quality can also be assumed based on the manufacturing location. The MagnaLatch is made in Australia whereas many competitors is made in China.

Pool Gate Locks Checklist

  • Make sure the gate lock meets your local building codes and safety requirements.
  • Choose a lock that is made from high-quality materials, such as stainless steel or brass, for optimal security. The MagnaLatch is made of polymer and stainless steel components.
  • Ensure that the lock is keyed differently than other locks on your property, to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Consider a combination lock for extra security, if desired. While this may create some annoyance for guests and your pool maintenance company, it’s surely safer. We would recommend Yardlock’s keyless gate lock if you want something combination code-friendly.
  • Check the warranty on the lock before purchase, to ensure that it will be covered if something goes wrong. Luckily, the MagnaLatch comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Make sure the installation instructions are clear and easy to understand. Then, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when installing the lock. Take the time to test the lock after installation to make sure it is functioning properly. Make sure the lock is securely fastened and properly aligned.
  • Consider adding a pool alarm to the gate lock for added safety and security.


Pool gate locks are one of the first things you should buy after building a pool in your backyard. There are many options on the market, but the best product is the MagnaLatch. It has superior quality and features than any other pool gate lock we tested. Pool gate locks aren’t always required by law. However, by installing one, you can keep children and pets safe as well as deter thieves.