Pool Ladder Mat: Best Options, Cost, Benefits

inground pool with gray deck and large dark blue pool ladder mat underneath the aluminum ladder

If you are building a new above ground pool, or have an above ground pool, you likely are considering the different ways you can get into and out of the pool.  With an above ground pool you usually need a strong pool ladder which goes up the outside and down the inside.  Maybe you have a deck around part of the pool, and you only need to go down.  Whatever the case, if you have a pool already you’ve probably noticed some minor scratching or wear and tear on the floor of the pool immediately below the steps.  If this isn’t the case, it soon may be.  Before you see any damage, you need a pool ladder mat.

Much like a pool handrail cover, a pool ladder mat is an affordable and universal item. In this article, we will recap the benefits of a pool ladder mat. Then, we’ll suggest a few of the best options and how much you should pay.

Benefits Of A Mat Under Your Pool Ladder

A pool ladder mat protects the lining of the swimming pool by creating a thick barrier immediately under the ladder or steps system where it lands inside the pool. This invention has solved one of the biggest wear and tear items of an above ground pool, premature puncturing of the liner. At the area where the steps or ladder lands in the pool often the liner is worn through or stretched too many times and eventually breaks open.

pool ladder mat underneath a white 3 step pool ladder in an inground pool in florida backyard

Is A Pool Ladder Mat Worth It?

There are several reasons to a pool ladder mat will be worth it for you. First, if you’ve spent the money to build a pool. Next, if you recently replaced your liner. Finally, perhaps you just bought a house with a pool. In any of these scenarios, you will want to protect your investment and reduce long term maintenance costs.  A pool ladder mat should be considered cheap insurance. If you consider the time it takes to install, the price of the pool ladder mat, and the potential savings and frustration it will prevent it’s a no brainer.

3 Best Pool Ladder Mats

Resilia Stay-Put Swimming Pool Ladder Mat – Non-Slip, Wide Ribbed, Protective Pad, 36 Inches x 36 Inches, 0.035 Inch…
  • POOL LINER PROTECTION: Placed on the pool floor between the ladder footing and the pool liner, our non-slip pad protects the liner from damage while…
  • QUALITY THAT MEASURES UP: Our 36 inch x 36 inch, 0.035 inch thick, powder blue swimming pool ladder mat with v-grooved rubber surface provides safety,…
  • STORES EASY: Made of soft, vinyl resin it is flexible for easy storage, trimmable for custom fitting, and holds up to chlorine
Hydrotools by Swimline Protective Ladder Mat / Pool Step Pad (36” X 36”)
  • POOL LINER PROTECTION: Heavy-duty vinyl acts as a barrier to keep your liner safe from ladder scuffing and standard wear-and-tear.
  • EASY AND SIMPLE: Simply lay on your pool floor surface under your ladder.
  • STATIONARY: Innovative ribbed base construction ensures that your ladder mat will not float away after installation.
Aqua Select 48-Inch-by-60-Inch Swimming Pool Ladder Mat or Pool Step Pad | Protect Your Vinyl Pool Liner | Acts as A…
  • HIGH QUALITY: Made of super tough vinyl to protect your liner and eliminates scratching and chaffing caused by a pool ladder or steps.
  • PROTECT YOUR LINER: Your liner is a big investment in your pool, protect it from any wear or tear. Use this highly durable mat to prevent holes or…
  • REDUCE SLIP-RISK: Extra durable vinyl matting with textured bottom that creates a “no slip system” and keeps your liner safe. This pad increases…

How Much Does A Pool Ladder Mat Cost?

You will notice a pool ladder mat comes in various sizes. Be sure to measure your stairs system or ladder base prior to purchase.  In general, we’d suggest avoiding the lowest price ladder mats. This reason is because these are sometimes too cheaply made to properly lay flat. Therefore, they can quickly become trip hazards.  Expect to pay somewhere in the $30-$50 range for a high quality ladder mat.