7 Best Pool Sun Shade Canopies

two pool sun shades covering a lagoon pool in backyard

This Article Was Last Updated on May 18, 2023

A backyard pool is the ideal way to cool off in the summer. What if it’s too hot for your to enjoy? Whether you are constantly getting sunburns or just want to cool down your pool water, there is a solution. Investing into a pool sun shade can create a pleasant and shady cove of your pool.

In this article, we’ve explained how to choose the right size, how much to spend and which brands to trust. Not all pool sun shade canopies are the same. We tested several shades that we did not mention in this guide because their quality lacked.

What Size Pool Sun Shade Do I Need?

A pool sun shade can come in multiple sizes. Your size will depend on what part of your pool you’re trying to cover. If you are looking to cover your sun shelf loungers or spa, you should probably get something between 10 – 14 feet. However, if you’re looking to cover the entire shallow end of a pool, aim more toward 20 feet. Pool sun shades come in squares and triangles. Consider the overall shape as well as the size when planning out the perfect pool sun shade.

Should I Get A Custom Pool Sun Shade?

There are plenty of brands that allow for you to design a custom pool sun shade. Our favorite custom sun shade company is by far Covers and All for their high quality and quick turnaround time. However, before buying a custom sun shade for your pool, determine if you really need one. If the space you’re trying to shade can be covered with a standard 12′ x 20′ canopy, you probably don’t need a custom shade.

However, if you’re unable to find a fitting sun shade, a custom canopy is not much more expensive. This will allow you to choose a variety of shade preferences to fit your every need. For example, you can select your shape (square, rectangle, triangle) and then browse things like the size dimensions, material used and color. In our opinion, the bigger the area you’re trying to shade, the more likely a custom shade is the best choice. You can start your pool sun shade canopy design through Covers And All.

How Much Should I Spend On A Pool Sun Shade?

The average pool sun shade will cost between $50 – $100. Of course, you can find less expensive options and if you’re seeking an extra large sun shade, the price may exceed $100. However, for most quality, standard sized pool sun shades, this is the ballpark price range. By average, we are referring to a sun shade with dimensions between 12 and 20 feet.

7 Best Pool Sun Shades

There are a few criteria that allowed us to evaluate these pool sun shade canopies. First, the purpose of a sun shade is to block out the sun. Therefore, the UV protection rating is incredibly important. The best pool sun shades feature 98% UV protection rating.

Next, you won’t want a sun shade that prevents a nice breeze or light rain. Therefore, we graded these sun shades on whether or not they were permeable. Lastly, you may not want to choose a sun shade solely on reviews, but they are important. We took the time to read through common complaints with each sun shade. Then, we excluded the ones with known defects from this guide.

Pool sun shade hanging over a large backyard pool with palm trees behind it


The most important things to look for in a pool sun shade are UV protection, permeability and great reviews. Above all, we recommend the Artpuch Sun Shade Sails Canopy for its versatility in color and sizes plus over 10,000 happy customers. This is the sun shade we use in our backyards so it’s only right that we recommend it for you. Expect to spend between $50 – $100 for a good pool sun shade. Lastly, consider the size of the pool area that you want to create shade for before choosing your pool sun shade.