Best Pool Sun Shelf Chairs

Lounge Chairs In Gunite Pool Sun Shelf

When designing your new pool or renovating an existing one, it’s not uncommon to add features like a sun shelf.  This is a shallow area, usually the same depth as the top step in the pool, roughly 6 inches deep and 6-8’ wide and long at a minimum.  The sun shelf is a great place for children to play as they get used to the concept of a pool.  If you think ahead you can design in an umbrella sleeve so you can shade part of the sun shelf and take the edge off the hottest summer days.  But what about a place to sit on the sun shelf?  What about pool sun shelf chairs?

Best Options For Pool Sun Shelf Chairs

There are a few different options here for how to tackle the sun shelf chairs. These options range in terms of price and permanent placement. In this article, we will explore the three most popular pool sun shelf chairs.

Most Permanent Pool Sun Shelf Chairs: Tiled Chairs

Most Permanent Pool Sun Shelf Chairs: Tiled Chairs

First, if you are building the pool you can go to the extreme and build in tiled sun shelf chairs.  These are built out of gunite, and are permanent lounge chairs built into the pool, fixed in location and generally very expensive.  These are commonly found at resort pools and can be a great addition to the right swimming pool. 

Easiest Pool Sun Shelf Chairs: Chaise Lounger

Next you can always do the obvious.  Put your chaise lounger into the pool.  Depending on your chairs, this can be a frustrating task, requiring two people for the longer and heavier chairs.  Also, you’ll need to make sure you don’t mar the surface of the pool by dragging the chair under water.  This can become especially noticeable if you have a white interior finish.  If you’re using wood chairs, you’ll need to be especially cognizant of the amount of time you leave them in the pool as you can cause the wood to expand from being submerged and cause damage to the chairs.

Best Chairs For Pool Sun Shelf: Ledge Lounger

The next option for pool sun shelf chairs would be the ledge lounger. These are plastic chairs which are molded to create a comfortable way to sit partially in the pool and partially out.  They are intended for use on the sun shelf in the pool, and come in a number of colors. 

Ledge Lounger Pool Sun Shelf Chairs In Backyard

The ledge lounger is one of the industry standards when it comes to in pool lounging and relaxation.  There are numerous options and a design can be found to fit any aesthetic and sun shelf size.  You’ll want to makes sure and spend the time to choose the right design for you, as there are numerous to choose from.


When choosing your pool sun shelf chairs remember it’s supposed to be fun.  The time you spend in the pool is not supposed to be work, so the least amount of friction the better when choosing your pool sun shelf chairs.  Our recommendation is the ledge lounger chairs.  These are easy to move around, and quite comfortable to boot.  Also you don’t need to worry about leaving them in the pool or outside on the patio.  They will be fine.  Also don’t forget the side table.  You want to make sure you have a place to set down your cold drinks.