Best Pool Vacuum For Salt Water Pool Guide

Best Pool Vacuum For Salt Water Pool Guide

So you have chosen to convert your pool to a salt system.  You’ve gone through the pros and cons, researched how salt systems work and decided to take the plunge.  Now that you’ve figured out your disinfection process, you now can focus on the rest of your pool systems.  One of the most important setups yet to choose is your vacuum or pool cleaner.  You may find yourself wondering what is the best pool vacuum for salt water pool? Let’s visit the different types of pool cleaners.  

Suction: Best Pool Vacuum For Salt Water Pool

First there’s the pool suction cleaner, or vacuum.  These work on suction and are either plugged into your skimmer or into a dedicated vacuum port.  Pool suction cleaners are common in areas where there is a high dust or dirt load, like Arizona and Nevada. Suction cleaners are less common in areas with a high leaf load, like New England or Florida.  Common suction type cleaners are the Hayward Navigator and the Zodiac MX8.

Pressure Side: Best Pool Vacuum For Salt Water Pool

Next there’s the pressure side cleaner.  These work using water pressure from a dedicated port in the side of the pool to spray water onto the floor of the pool and direct debris into a net.  These are best for removing leaf litter from the pool, but will not remove dust or dirt.  The leaf net on top of the cleaner needs to be removed and emptied on a regular basis depending on the time of the year.  The most popular pressure side cleaner is the Polaris 280 and Polaris 380.

Robotic: Best Pool Vacuum For Salt Water Pool

The last type of pool cleaner is the robotic pool cleaner.  These plug into an electrical outlet and power along the floor of the pool to clean the floor and walls.  These are arguably the most effective at removing dirt, dust, and leaves from the pool.  One of the big positives is you don’t leave them in the pool hooked up once they’re done cleaning.  For those who like a clear pool to swim in, free of the vacuum hose and head, this is an excellent feature.  Dolphin is the most commonly specified company for robotic cleaners, our favorite is the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus.  

Best Pool Vacuum For Salt Water Pool With Homeowner Dropping In Their Vacuum In Backyard


Which of these is the best pool vacuum for salt water pool?  They all are. There is no reason you need a special cleaner or anything unusual for a salt water pool.  A salt water pool is just like any other pool. You need to remove the debris to maintain a clean swimming environment and to help keep your disinfection system operating. The best pool cleaner for a traditional tablet chlorine pool is the same cleaner you should use in a salt chlorinated pool. The best pool vacuum for salt water pool is the pool cleaner you would buy for any pool.