5 Best Sun Shelf Table 2023 Reviews

homeowner lounging on a white sun shelf chair with a sun shelf table nearby

When you have a sun shelf table in your swimming pool it really makes the difference between just a pool and a luxurious resort feel.  Yes having a backyard pool is great, regardless of what your pool is.  But when you can lounge on a sun shelf chair, read a book, drink a cocktail, it really feels like you’ve made it.

There’s just something magical about being surrounded by shallow water, relaxing and enjoying the environment you’ve created for yourself.  There is one issue with just a sun shelf and lounger. Where do you set that book down?  What about your phone or your drink?  Yes, you could place it on the edge of the pool if your sun shelf is designed to accommodate this.  However, in most cases the best bet for you is a sun shelf table.

How To Add A Table To A Sun Shelf

A sun shelf table can run the gamut from basic to luxurious.  If you haven’t built your pool yet, you could look into some built-in options, like a tiled in-pool table. 

However, if your pool is already complete, there’s some great options for you still.  The most basic set up and most popular sun shelf table is to add on to the existing umbrella.  Most sun shelves will be built with an umbrella sleeve built in.  

For a circular sun shelf table which attaches to your umbrella, we like the Sundale Outdoor Adjustable Umbrella Table.

Sundale Outdoor Adjustable Umbrella Table, Portable Round Table Tray with Umbrella Hole, for Beach Patio Garden Poolside…
  • 【Fit Most Martket Umbrellas】This patio umbrella table only fits 1.49 in diameter market umbrella poles.
  • 【Easy Assembly】Our table tray is easy enough to be assembled onto market umbrella poles with lock cap. It is perfect for you to place some snacks,…
  • 【High Quality & No Maintenance】The umbrella table is made of durable, maintenance-free, high-density plastic, which will not rust or chip and…

This is a 20” umbrella table. It’s a bit larger than most, and it’s black. Yes, over time this table will likely bleach out to a gray, but it’ll still be much nicer than a yellowed out white table.  However, you have to be aware that when the wind blows, the table might shift, and if your phone is sitting on the table it may go for a swim.

Best Small Sun Shelf Table

This is why our favorite of the small sun shelf tables is the Ammsun 13” Beach Umbrella Table Tray. The Ammsun sun shelf table has something going for it we all can appreciate. It’s the least expensive way to get a sun shelf table which attaches to your umbrella. 

AMMSUN 13″ Beach Umbrella Table Tray for Beach, Patio, Garden, Swimming Pool with Cup Holders, Snack Compartments White
  • Universal Fit Umbrella Tray: Umbrella Tables easily fit 0.98″ to 1.5″ diameter beach or patio umbrella poles. Adjustable pole adapter will fit on any…
  • Weather Resistant: Beach Umbrella Table is made from durable plastic material so it is weather resistant and easy to clean.Keep sand and dirt out of…
  • Universal Fit Umbrella Tray: Umbrella Tables easily fit 0.98″ to 1.5″ diameter beach or patio umbrella poles. Adjustable pole adapter will fit on any…

Yes it’s small, and yes it’s maybe not as nice looking as the Sundale, but you know what?  It works!  This table also has something the more expensive Sundale does not, it has pockets.  These are molded into the table surface itself, are easy to clean, and help keep your stuff from falling into the pool when there’s a breeze.  Think your cup holder in the car and the associated places to keep your stuff from falling under the seat, the Ammsun sun shelf table is the same idea.  

Best Luxury Sun Shelf Tables

If you’re looking for luxury, Ledge Lounger is one of the best companies out there for pool sun shelf lounging furniture.  With a fantastic variation in colors available, there’s something for everyone.  If you want a cooler in your table, we really like the Ledge Lounger In-Pool Side Table with ice storage. 

Ledge Lounger – Signature Tall Ice Bin Side Table – Lid with Umbrella Hole – for in-Pool or On-Deck Use – Water Depths…
  • SIGNATURE ICE BIN – The Signature Tall Ice Bin Side Table can hold up to 10 cans of your favorite beverage, features a removable lid, and can be used…
  • PERFECT PAIRING – The tall ice bin side table with an umbrella hole can also serve as an umbrella base. This signature lid lets you keep your…
  • SAFE FOR ALL POOLS – Whether your pool is saltwater or chlorine, vinyl or fiberglass, commercial or residential, this in-pool ice bucket is designed…

As anything Ledge Lounger, this is an expensive option.  However, it’s also one of the best options for a multi-function table that can act as ice storage for those days when the party keeps going all afternoon. This table is on the larger end at 22” diameter. That means it is perfect for two people. Keep in mind with this Ledge Lounger side table, your maximum water depth must be no more than 15”.  Thankfully most sun shelves are shallower than this, but you definitely want to check before taking the plunge.  

If you don’t need the ice storage, Ledge Lounger also makes a less expensive option for a side table, the In-Pool Side Table.  This is a smaller diameter side table at 14”, and there is a hole in the center to hold an umbrella. 

Ledge Lounger in-Pool Side Table (Granite Gray)
  • IN WATER use for ledges up to 10” deep. Do not use in water deeper than 10”
  • HIGH QUALITY outdoor materials that withstand sun, weather, and elements of harsh outdoors
  • UV-RESISTANT materials (UV16 rated) that withstand 16,000 hour of direct overhead sunlight

Although it’s small, it does bring some additional functionality to your sun shelf. Especially if your pool designer forgot to put in the umbrella sleeve, or put it in the wrong spot.  The real stickler here you must pay attention to is the maximum depth.  This side table can only be placed in a maximum of 10” of water. Therefore, take your measurements carefully before purchasing.

Best Large Sun Shelf Table

If you want a large and traditionally functioning in-pool table, the SR Smith PL-30 is ideal.  This is the largest sun shelf table on the market. 

S.R.Smith PL-30 UMB TABLE-52 Umbrella Hole in-Pool, 30-inch Table, Gray
  • Lightweight and super strong; Made from Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) for durability and longevity
  • Adapter included to allow table to fit most umbrella anchors on sun shelves
  • Easy to remove without tools

SR Smith is a well known swimming pool deck equipment manufacturer. Therefore, when they introduced this product this past decade it received rave reviews.  This is the most expensive option. However it’s easy to use and is far more stable than you might expect.  Depending on how much time you spend in your pool, you may find yourself using this table far more than you might expect.  

There are numerous colors available, as well as multiple mounting options. For example, you can install the table in your umbrella sleeve open to the sun. Alternatively, you can install the umbrella right through the table.  It’s up to you whether you prefer to be in the sun, or shaded.

blue tile sun shelf table in inground pool

Sun Shelf Table Summary

In conclusion, we believe you will find a benefit with any of these sun shelf tables. When you take the plunge you’ll be happy you made the investment. The lifestyle of a sun shelf table will be a welcome addition to your backyard living lifestyle.