Best Turquoise Swimming Pool Tiles Makers

Inground pool with long pool bench and turquoise swimming pool tiles

There are many tiles to consider when you are building or renovating your pool. You have every shade of seemingly every color imaginable. If you are looking for a tropical color scheme, you might consider turquoise swimming pool tiles. Where do you find these and who are the trusted manufacturers? In this article we explain where to find turquoise tiles and why they are so popular.

Best Turquoise Swimming Pool Tiles Manufacturers

With over 20 years as a pool designer, I’ve come to know a lot of tile manufacturers. The first place to look is the standard pool tile manufacturers. Therefore, I organized a short list of the best ones for you to get turquoise swimming pool tiles from. You can trust all 4 of these tile makers.

1. Classic Pool Tile And Stone

While this list is in no particular order, Classic is my personal favorite. They’re based out of Spotswood, New Jersey but they will ship tile samples anywhere in the country quickly and for free. In addition to having a wide selection of turquoise swimming pool tiles, they also have excellent materials for your coping and decking.

2. National Pool Tile

National manufactures a lot more than pool tiles. However, they certainly specialize in popular tile selections such as turquoise swimming pool tiles. National spans tile, coping and decking but then goes even further with things such as lighting and outdoor appliances. They also have an app that allows homeowners to play around with some basic pool designing choices.

3. Noble Tile

Noble is a southern pool tile manufacturer with presence in Arizona, Florida and Texas. While they stick to mostly tiles, they truly have incredible turquoise swimming pool tiles. They company has been around for multiple decades and is also starting to feature interior finishes, too.

4. Luv Tile

Luv Tile is a Florida-based manufacturer. They have a variety of turquoise swimming pool tiles selection and feature some of the most unique designs in the pool industry. Unlike many other tile manufacturers, they exclusively make tiles – no coping, decking or anything else.

Pool and lounge area with turquoise swimming pool tiles and waterfall

Why Turquoise Swimming Pool Tiles Are The Best

These manufacturers all carry a large selection, including turquoise swimming pool tiles. Why might you look for turquoise tile over the other colors? Turquoise tile is a great way to make your pool look like it’s in a tropical environment. If you are considering a white interior finish, turquoise tile can have the effect of a tropical beach. Bringing the tropics into your backyard can make your summer fun a themed experience.

Non-Pool Specific Turquoise Swimming Pool Tiles Manufacturers

If you can’t find the right tile by searching the above manufacturers, you can always check companies like Dal Tile or Modwalls. These tile manufacturers serve well beyond the pool industry. Dal and Modwalls offer tile that can be used in bathrooms and kitchens as well as some for pools. Therefore, make sure the tile you select is approved for use in swimming pools. Also confirm it is frost proof unless you live in south Florida or another warm climate where freezing temperatures never seem to come.

If you are concerned tropical tile might not be right for you, don’t worry. You don’t need to choose a pool tile with vibrant colors unless you absolutely want to. There are a number of tiles out there that will blend into the background and give you a more subtle look. But if you want to show off your design sense and bring the Caribbean to your backyard, turquoise swimming pool tiles are one of the best ways to do it.

More Ways To Incorporate Tropical Pool Design

Consider adding palm trees to your backyard. Even in New England you can get potted palms that you bring outside just for the summer months. This can help tie your tropical theme together and make your backyard into the oasis you are hoping to create.

You also may consider adding outdoor speakers. The right music playing can really make that tropical feel complete.


There are a number of color schemes to consider when designing your pool. If you are looking for the tropical breezes and the sound of ocean waves, turquoise swimming pool tiles are a great place to start. You also should consider adding a waterfall or water feature to your pool. Then you can get that flowing water sound in the background to complete the feel of the backyard oasis.