Black And Decker String Trimmer 2023 Review

black and orange black and decker string trimmer with white and brown fence behind it

A good string trimmer will take your landscape game to the next level. I went several years in my first home without ever purchasing one. I mowed my lawn every 2 weeks, but something was missing. There was overgrown grass alongside my fence, HVAC unit and walkway. When I started using a string trimmer, which was the Black and Decker String Trimmer, it made my yard appearance way better.

In this article, we’ll review the pros, cons, price and many other things about this Black and Decker string trimmer. Out of of the string trimmers we’ve tested, this has the best balance between an affordable price and great performance.

Do We Recommend The Black And Decker String Trimmer?

Overall, and to save you some time, yes, the Black and Decker string trimmer is excellent. You won’t regret adding this trimmer/edger to your backyard tool shed.

BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer with Auto Feed, Electric, 6.5-Amp, 14-Inch (BESTA510)
  • Automatic Feed Spool (AFS) technology of the edger/trimmer eliminates bumping for hassle-free line feeding that helps you work without interruptions
  • The 6.5 amp motor and POWERDRIVE Transmission of the grass cutter provide maximum performance when trimming through the toughest weeds, grass, and…
  • 2-in-1 trimmer/edger with wheeled edge guide – just rotate to convert from lawn trimmer to wheeled edger

What To Look For In A String Trimmer

In our opinion, a string trimmer should have a few basic features. As we tested this string trimmer, we found that it met all of these expectations and then some. Whether you’re buying the Black and Decker or a different model, seek out these features.

Easy Assembly: A string trimmer is not a complicated tool. Therefore, it should not be difficult to set up. The Black and Decker string trimmer was extremely simple. It came with three pieces: the trimmer tool, cut swath and adjustable handle. The handle fit on with a brief squeeze and the cut swath fit right in to the tool’s mold after you remove a safety screw. Something to remember is that you will need an outdoor extension cord and its not included.

Auto Feed: String trimmers of all kinds use wires. You don’t want to have to be feeding the line yourself. With some trimmers you have to bump the feeder to release more wire. This is an archaic mode of operation. Get a string trimmer with auto feed technology, it does not increase the price.

Trimmer + Edger: Ideally, you want the least amount of landscaping tools possible. After all, your garage or shed can get cluttered pretty easy. The Black and Decker string trimmer doubles as a trimmer and edger. You can just rotate the the tool on its side to edge your lawn.

Affordability: String trimmers are simple products. As a result, they should not break your bank the way buying a lawn mower would. You can buy a string trimmer for $50 or $130, they’re going to provide the same utility. Some homeowners prefer a cordless setup but I’ve never minded a corded tool. Unless you have a really large backyard, stick with the cheaper, corded option.

Black And Decker String Trimmer Pros

Fortunately for our backyard, we found many more pros than we did cons with the Black and Decker string trimmer. Lets start with the assembly which is always a big signal. You will not struggle to put this tool together. It’s so straightforward that we didn’t even peek at the assembly guide.

black and decker string trimmer parts on gray kitchen counter

Next, it performs really well regardless of grass thickness. It’s a strong tool that was capable of handling my thickest and thinnest grass the same. In fact, it was so powerful that when I held the trimmer too low, it actually clipped all of the grass down to the dirt.

We’re a very practical group here at Backyard Assist. We don’t often agree that the highest priced item is always the best in a category. Therefore, we were impressed with how affordable this trimmer was at around $50. The average price of a string trimmer is $50 – $150. Therefore, you are paying close to the lowest point of the range while getting a great product.

Black And Decker String Trimmer Cons

There are two things that come to mind when critiquing this string trimmer. Both of these are entirely fixable, but you should know what you’re getting into before buying it.

First, the Black and Decker string trimmer is very powerful and can eliminate grass altogether if you aren’t careful. I learned this the hard way when I tried to cut down the grass near my HVAC unit. You’ll see this in the video review we conducted below. I went to trim back the overgrown grass, but ultimately wiped out all of it. Afterward, all I was left with was an outlined patch of dirt. When using this string trimmer, be careful to not place it too close to the ground. Instead, keep it high and gradually lower it.

Second, this string trimmer does not come with an extension cord included. You will need to buy the outdoor extension cord separately. This was a big disappointment when I first got the string trimmer. I had to wait until my neighbor could lend me his before testing. Although, if you focus a lot on your backyard, you may already have one.

See Us Test Out The Black + Decker String Trimmer

Here is a quick video from our test of the Black + Decker string trimmer. We hope you enjoy seeing the tool in action in our backyard.

Black + Decker String Trimmer Summary

You can rely on this string trimmer to get the job done. Everything from assembling this tool to using it was very simple. The performance is exceptional and the tool is lightweight. This allows you to get near the perfect trim and edge with each attempt. If you’re looking for a corded string trimmer, the Black and Decker string trimmer is best and most affordable that we’ve found.