Can I Swim 12 Hours After Shocking Pool?

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Every pool owner has been in this position. You had to shock your pool and now you’re sitting around on a hot summer day waiting to swim again. Unfortunately, the shocking process takes a while to run its course. After shocking your pool, you cannot reenter safely right away. Yet, how much time is enough? You may wonder, can I swim 12 hours after shocking pool? In this article, we will explain the amount of time you need to wait, the risks of entering the pool too early and what to do if you

Can I Swim 12 Hours After Shocking Pool?

No, you should not swim 12 hours after shocking a pool. It is recommended to wait 24 hours after shocking a pool before you can start swimming again. However, there is a way to possibly swim safely earlier than 24 hours. You can test the pool’s chlorine and pH levels. While doing so, make sure they are within the acceptable range of 1-3 ppm and 7.2-7.8, respectively. If the levels are within these parameters, the pool is safe to swim in. It usually takes about 24 hours for these levels to be reached, but every pool is different.

What Are The Risks Of Swimming 12 Hours After Shocking Pool?

Swimming in a recently shocked pool before chlorine and pH levels balance is unsafe. The main downside with swimming in a pool that has recently been shocked is irritation of the eyes, skin, and respiratory system. This makes sense because the process of shocking a pool is using harsh chemicals to kill unwanted symptoms.

Pool shock is designed to kill off bacteria, algae, and other organisms that can cause illness, but it can also cause irritation in humans. Swimming in a pool that has been shocked too recently causes an uncomfortable burning sensation in the eyes, throat, and skin. It can also cause difficulty breathing. In the most extreme cases, it can even cause an allergic reaction.

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How To Handle Irritation From Swimming In Shocked Pool

If you’ve already entered a pool too early after shocking, there is still hope. When your eyes and skin are irritated from swimming in a pool, the best thing to do is to rinse off with clean, fresh water as soon as possible. This will reduce some of the irritation by washing off any chemicals or debris that may have picked up. Additionally, it’s important to use a moisturizer on the affected area to help soothe the skin. If the irritation persists, seek medical attention immediately.

Can I Swim 12 Hours After Shocking Pool Summary

Ultimately, you should not enter swim until 24 hours after shocking your pool. However, if you really want to swim, you can your pool’s chlorine and pH levels to know exactly when it’s safe to swim. Even if 24 hours have not gone by, if the test returns are within the acceptable range of 1-3 ppm and 7.2-7.8 pH, you are safe to dive back in. If you enter too early, you can experience irritation from the harsh chemicals. If so, rinse off with clean water and apply moisturizer immediately.