Can Outdoor Rugs Get Wet?

patio couch and coffee table over a gray outdoor rug on a brown patio

When designing your backyard patio space it’s ideal to begin with the furniture layout.  This will provide you with the clearances and spacial considerations you need to ensure you can walk around the table, get to the sitting area, and so on.  Once you have your furniture in place however, it can feel like something is missing.  When you put a dining table or living room set together in your home, oftentimes you’ll use a rug to tie the space together.  Outdoors is no different. Outdoor rugs are a great addition to just about any outdoor space. Although, you may be wondering however, can outdoor rugs get wet?

Can Outdoor Rugs Get Wet?

Outdoor rugs are designed to be open to the elements. However, there are some factors to consider to make sure you don’t have issues when your rug gets wet.  One major concern is where you are putting the rug.  Is it in a primarily shaded area of the property, or will it receive direct sunlight?  You may want to reconsider an outdoor rug if the area you are considering doesn’t get direct sun.  

How Are Outdoor Rugs Made?

Outdoor rugs are designed and engineered to prevent mold and algae growth.  This means outdoor rugs can sit in a damp place for significant periods of time before they start ‘growing’.  However, this is not true of the concrete, stone, or pavers underneath the rug.  Often what occurs is a layer of growth under the carpet of mold and mildew if the sun never shines on the carpet.  Outdoor rugs are designed to be porous, so when the sun hits them, the water will evaporate away.  In a perfect world, the sun will shine regularly, and the outdoor rug will completely dry out.  

brown patio furniture on a gray deck showing can outdoor rugs get wet as being yes

How Does Sun Impact Outdoor Rugs?

The sun is a natural disinfectant.  UV Light from the sun will kill many microorganisms which thrive in the shade.  Likewise, moisture creates a home for these microorganisms.  When you consider your answer to can outdoor rugs get wet, the answer is yes, but.  Yes, but make sure your outdoor rug is not located in a dark space where mold and mildew can grow underneath the rug.  

Can You Have Outdoor Rugs In A Dark Area?

If you want to have your rug in a dark place, that’s okay.  If you take the time to remove the rug and let it sit in the sun every now and again, you’ll make a big impact on keeping the rug from becoming moldy.  It’s not a bad idea to use a cleaning solution on the concrete or stone underneath the rug to rid the area of any mold spores which may have started growing.  

Can Outdoor Rugs Get Wet In Desert Climates?

What if you live in a dry climate like Arizona or New Mexico? In deserts, you can put an outdoor rug just about anywhere without much concern.  In fact, this applies to most desert patio furniture. The rainstorms are so infrequent, and the dry air so dry in between them, you’re unlikely to get mold to grow.  

Can Outdoor Rugs Get Wet Summary

So, can outdoor rugs get wet?  Yes, they absolutely can. In fact, outdoor rugs are designed to be wet.  But take a little extra effort if your rug is located in a dark place, and you’ll be glad you did.  Outdoor rugs are a great design feature for any backyard, and if you plan correctly they’ll stay clean and attractive for years to come.