Can You Build A Pool On A Slope?

sloping yard pool in backyard

If you’re considering a pool, you might wonder if you have the right backyard to have one built. It can get frustrating when all you see are pools in flat backyards. What about sloping yards? You might ask, can you build a pool on a slope? You have nothing to fear, building a pool in a sloping backyard is quite possible. In this article we explain why sloping yards can even be a positive and the options you have as a homeowner.

Can You Build A Pool On A Slope?

The answer is a resounding yes, a pool can be built on a slope. Pool builders tap in to more design ideas when dealing with a sloped yard. When designing a pool on a slope it’s important to consider whether the view should be the focal point or not. If your backyard slopes down to the ocean or outlooks some mountains, you will likely want the view to be a focal point. Therefore, it would make sense to build an infinity edge pool. Additionally, you could create more dramatic effects using waterfalls or water features.

Benefits Of Sloped Yard Pools

The first benefit of backyard with a slope is the dramatic effect of an infinity pool. However, there are plenty of other design opportunities that will be enhanced by your non-level yard. With a sloping yard it can be easier to integrate features like swim-up bars and even long slides.

modern home with sloped backyard and inground pool

Consider The Engineering Angle Of A Sloped Yard Pool

Whatever features and design items you choose to include, it’s important to remember that design is only the first step. The structure must be engineered to stay on the slope. Though building a pool on a slope is done regularly by pool builders around the world, it is not always easy. There is some planning that needs to be done prior to construction to make sure your pool won’t slide down the hill or otherwise be compromised because of the sloping yard condition.

Expect Additional Precautions

Once you have your pool and patio space designed, the first order of business is to get soil samples. This will require a drilling rig to be brought into the pool construction area to core the soil and find out what the existing soil type is, and where bedrock can be found and how deep. This information will be used by your structural engineer as an integral part of their design criteria when designing the pool structure.

Plan Your Drainage Carefully

Next, consider where the storm water will be going. To be cautious, always plan for the worst case scenario. When it rains and the worst storm in the past 100 years takes place, will the drainage system back up and potentially cause stormwater to build up against the pool? It’s always a good idea to incorporate a civil engineer into your design team. They will handle stormwater event planning, infiltration systems, and environmental concerns whenever you are working on a sloping yard. Their input on the design of the stormwater management system can be the difference between a long lasting permanent structure and a sinking patio or settling pool.

Find An Experienced Sloping Yard Pool Builder

Once your engineering team has designed the structures for the soil type and the stormwater drainage systems are designed it’s time to find a pool builder. This is another incredibly important step in the process. Not every pool builder out there is experienced in sloping yard construction. You should be diligent in your search for the right pool builder and never compromise. In addition to the normal questions when vetting a pool builder, ask for recent project pictures and customers that had sloped yards.

Stay In Touch With Your Engineer

Once you’ve chosen a builder and construction is underway, it’s important to remain in contact with your engineering team. It’s a good idea to have the engineers inspect construction as it happens to prevent unexpected or unexplored conditions from causing issues. There is value beyond the obvious part of the engineers inspecting the work to make sure it’s being done per plan.

By visiting the your backyard during construction they will sometimes uncover some unforeseen potential issues. They can address those as needing attention and the project will be a success. It may seem like overkill, but engineering is more important than ever with sloping yards and hillside pool construction projects.


There is a lot of potential in the final product of a sloping yard pool. It’s important to recognize that there is also more potential for things to go wrong in the construction process. Be sure to include your engineering team throughout the process. Also make sure your builder is experienced with sloping yard pools. There is little more impressive in the world of pool design than sloping yard pools. Don’t be afraid to build one, they are done all the time. Just follow the steps in this article and make sure your team is up to the task.