Can You Put A Liner In A Concrete Pool?

Can you put a liner in a concrete pool in your backyard

Concrete pools are sometimes renovated by putting a liner in but more often they are renovated by replacing the plaster surface and the tile around the perimeter. That being said, can you put a liner in a concrete pool?

Can You Put A Liner In A Concrete Pool?

The short answer is yes, you can put a liner in a concrete pool. Liners can be put into virtually any shape pool imaginable.

However, if you have an ugly concrete pool in your backyard that needs to be renovated, sometimes given your location and budget, it makes sense to install a liner instead of going through the expense of the traditional concrete pool renovation.

Step 1: Check References

As with anything pool builder related, be sure to find references for the company you are considering having put a liner into your concrete pool. Aside from your own research on Google, a platform like Angi and Houzz may be helpful in finding local talent. This is definitely a doable project, but how nice it comes out depends on how experienced the builder is.

Step 2: Choose A Liner

Next it’s time to pick a liner. There are numerous liner options available. Some liners are designed to look like tile. Other liners are a solid dark gray, which is our personal favorite. However, there are a seemingly infinite amount of liner options to pick from. There is a liner for just about everyone.

Can You Put A Liner In A Concrete Pool Explained and FAQs
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What The Concrete To Liner Process Looks Like

The builder will most likely start by cleaning out the interior of the swimming pool. Then they’ll install the new plumbing lines for the liner pool. Next they’ll install the liner and the coping around the top of the pool. Then they’ll do any deck work you might need. All in all it’s a relatively quick process compared to a traditional gunite pool renovation, and you’ll have a new looking pool at a fraction of the cost.

How Do Liner Pools Affect Home Value?

Before choosing the vinyl liner route for your pool renovation you may want to consider resale. In some areas, a vinyl pool may be looked down upon and could potentially affect your resale value of your home. However, when done tastefully, you almost cannot tell the pool has a vinyl liner, which is where finding the right builder becomes that much more important. The best vinyl builders out there know how to conceal the fittings, hide the skimmers, and keep the obvious signs of a vinyl pool to a minimum.

Ask Should You, Not Can You Put A Liner In A Concrete Pool?

Just because you can do something, there’s still another question to ask. Is it right for you? This depends on your budget and how long you want your renovation to take. Vinyl is the fastest way to renovate your pool. Also, vinyl is the lowest cost to do a pool renovation. Lastly, vinyl is the smoothest finish available. Therefore, sometimes vinyl is the best option.

Others may wish to spend the money to get a traditional concrete pool renovation. This would entail installing new plaster and tile to bring the pool back to its former glory. Whichever way you choose, it’s always a good idea to bring your pool back to life. As we like to say, water is better than no water when temperatures are hot. Good luck renovating your pool!