can you run pool pump with solar cover on explained

Can You Run Pool Pump With Solar Cover On?

When you have a pool heater, you really want to keep a cover on at all times. Even if you don’t have a heater, adding a solar cover to your pool can make a huge difference in the water temperature. Keeping the pool covered is the number one way to prevent excess chemical consumption, and excess heating costs. However, in the day to day operation of the pool, can you run pool pump with solar cover on?

Types Of Solar Covers

Solar covers come in many different types.  There are the vinyl covers made by winter cover companies like Loop-loc and Meyco. Then, there are automatic covers like those made by Coverpools and Aquamatic. Finally, there’s the good old Sun2Solar bubble coverThe bubble cover is used most often of all the cover types.  This cover finds its way onto pools of all types, from above grounds to fiberglass, vinyl to gunite.  

Monitor Your Pool’s Water Level

With all of these cover types aside, the one thing you must keep an eye on is the pool’s water level. The water level of the pool should always be roughly at the center of the skimmer throat. This usually aligns with the center of the waterline tile on a gunite pool. Although, it’s always best to look at the skimmers to be sure. It’s concerning if the water level falls below the skimmer throat opening. You may have some real problems with your pool equipment sucking in air and losing prime. If you have an automatic water leveler and you still find yourself with a low water condition, you’ll need to troubleshoot the valve and sensor to make sure it’s working.

Can You Run Pool Pump With Solar Cover On?

Once you know the water level is where it should be you now know whether or not you can run your pool equipment. Running the equipment, including the pool pump, with the solar cover on is not a problem. The skimmer may not operate all that well, but it will still suck water.  Any debris that falls on the surface of the pool will now find itself on top of the cover, and out of reach of the skimmer.  You’ll need to pull in the cover from time to time to clean it off if you have a high leaf or debris load where you live.

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Benefits Of Running Pool Pump With Solar Cover On

Keeping the pool circulating while the cover is on helps in many ways. First, you can make sure you maintain a consistent chemical. Next, you can ensure a balanced temperature mix in the pool water itself. You don’t want a situation where the water on top of the pool is warm and the water on the bottom is cold, if you can avoid it. 

One way to help maintain a constant chemical mix is to add floor returns when you build the pool. Similarly, you can simply change your directional return fitting to point down toward the floor of the pool instead of to the side. This helps get the newly heated water from the pool heater or from the skimmer at the surface to the floor of the pool. This prevents stratification or a hot layer on top and a cold layer on the bottom.

Can You Run Pool Pump With Solar Cover On Summary

Ultimately, it’s best to keep your pool covered at all times. Furthermore, yes, you can run pool pump with solar cover on. Just keep an eye on the water level. It’s important to make sure you aren’t going to run your skimmers dry.