Can You Swim With A Robotic Pool Cleaner?

white robotic pool cleaner running along the floor of an inground pool

When you first start using a robotic cleaner there are many questions which come up. Is it possible to use the robotic pool cleaner without interrupting your typical swim schedule?  What if you want to go for a swim while the robotic pool cleaner is cleaning the pool?  Can you swim with a robotic pool cleaner? These questions may lead to wonder if you need a robotic pool cleaner at all. However, these devices are a major time-saver. We encourage you to have a robotic pool cleaner but it’s important to understand the rules of usage.

Can You Swim With A Robotic Pool Cleaner?

We are often asked if you can swim with a robotic pool cleaner.  After all, what’s the big deal right?  It’s just a robotic pool cleaner, and you’ll stay away from it while you swim, so why not?  Well, there is one big reason why not.  Though there are some conflicting opinions on this subject, we don’t believe the answer is all that complicated.  

When anything electrically powered is near the pool it is always best not to swim.  This includes an electric string trimmer, power tools, etc.  If there’s a chance it can go into the pool and it is plugged into an outlet, don’t swim.  Yes, these outlets are GFCI protected in most cases. However, do you really want to put your safety in the hands of switch and hope the electrician did everything perfectly?  

Electrical Risk Of Swimming With A Robotic Pool Cleaner

In general, robotic cleaners are engineered to protect you from shock hazards. This may seem obvious, otherwise they wouldn’t be listed for use in a swimming pool.  However, as they age, damage could occur to the power cord leading to a small risk of electrical current entering the water.  Water can conduct electricity, and if you are in the pool when there is current in the water, there is the chance of an electric shock.

Because of this potential risk, we recommend only to put the robotic pool cleaner in the pool when nobody is using the pool.  This way swimmers have free reign of the pool without any cords or cleaners to worry about. Additionally, there’s no risk of electric shock.  If your cleaner is in the pool, and you find yourself in need of a swim, simply unplug and remove the cleaner and swim. You can always drop the pool cleaner in afterwards.

Trip Risk Of Swimming With A Robotic Pool Cleaner

One of the other potential risks of swimming / using the pool area while the robotic pool cleaner is operating is tripping over the power cord.  You should make sure to remove the robotic pool cleaner before you swim. Therefore you will have additional peace of mind knowing the potential trip hazard of the electrical cord is not on the pool deck.

can you swim with a robotic pool cleaner shown in an empty white plaster pool with a pool cleaner doing its cleaning task

Can You Swim With A Robotic Pool Cleaner Summary

Unequivocally, when we answer the question of swimming with a robotic pool cleaner with a resounding no. Most pool owners only swim for a few hours per day even on the hottest summer days. There’s plenty of time outside those hours to run your robotic pool cleaner. The electrical and slipping risks are too detrimental for us to recommend swimming with a robotic pool cleaner.