Composite Decking Around Inground Pool Pros And Cons

composite decking around inground pool in modern backyard with basketball hoop and waterfall

When choosing your deck material around your inground pool there are numerous options.  The old standby is concrete, then there’s precast pavers and natural stone.  Then there are the wood options like cedar and ipe.  When you are looking at all these options it can be overwhelming. However, there’s even one more option to consider, composite decking around inground pool.

Advantages Of Composite Decking Around Inground Pool

Why would you use composite decking around an inground pool?  The main reason homeowners like composite decking around inground pool settings is because of its low maintenance nature. Composite decking can stand up to the abuse of constantly being saturated with pool water.

Even better, today’s manufacturer’s make composites that look like real wood.  Two of the largest manufacturers of composite wood decking are Trex and Timbertech.  Each are well suited for use around pools, but there are some drawbacks to consider.  

Disadvantages Of Composite Decking Around Inground Pool

First, composites are generally slippery when wet.  You can imagine around a pool this might be an issue.  Next, they get hotter than wood in the sun. This can be an issue for bare feet around the pool, and sitting on the deck.  If you live in a northern climate, you may not notice the temperature of the composite decking as much. Although, it’s still something to consider when choosing your deck material.  

Another aspect of composite decking to consider is the cost.  Though they are composites, they often cost more than high end wood like ipe.  Considering ipe for a moment, this is one of the hardest wood species in the world. It is known to last for 20 years or more without any treatment whatsoever.  If you can stand looking at a grey wood deck, ipe might be the right choice for you. 

However, composites can give you the low maintenance along with the color options you might prefer. This is why numerous designers and homeowners alike choose composites for their deck surfaces.

composite decking around inground pool in backyard with potted plants and brick wall

Composite Decking For Gunite Pool Challenges

Often, with gunite pools the detail at the coping edge of the pool becomes an issue when installing wood or composite decking around the swimming pool. One nice way to solve this detail, is to use stone or poured coping around the pool edge. Then, run the wood or composite decking at the same elevation of the coping around the outside of the pool shell.  This makes the intersection of the tile, gunite shell and decking a little easier to accomplish. This way is especially helpful if you have a free-formed or lagoon style pool.  

Composite Decking Around Inground Pool Size Design

Another aspect to consider when designing your composite decking around inground pool, is to make sure you include enough space for how you plan to use the deck area.  If you plan to have chaise loungers in one area, and a table in another, make sure you have thought through the space you will need, and design your composite deck to accommodate.  The size of the deck is highly dependent on how you plan to use it, so thinking through the programming of the space will make all the difference.

Composite Decking Summary

Composite decking can be a good choice for some homeowners. If you live in a cooler climate and place high value on appearance, you may choose composite decking around inground pool settings and be happy. If you are budget-friendly or live in a hot climate, composite decking might not be best for you. Either way, be careful of slipping on wet composite decking.