Do Chicken Coops Need Windows? 3 Reasons Why

white chicken coop with small mesh area and large room connected

If you run a quick search on chicken coops, you’ll notice a few things. They all have hard roofs, are made from durable materials and have windows. Are these intentionally designed as so or can you improvise? For example, do chicken coops need windows?

In this article, we’ll help you understand if chicken coops need windows or if they’re optional. After all, some climates make windows less appealing and other times they’re just plain ugly. We’ll also cover the pros and cons of having windows for your chicken coop.

Do Chicken Coops Need Windows?

Chicken coops require ventilation and natural light. Therefore, yes, chicken coops do need windows or an equivalent. Chickens are much like humans, requiring fresh air and natural light to be happy and healthy. A happier chicken will produce more eggs on average.

When you begin to think of why chicken coops need windows, consider humans. As human beings, why do our homes need windows? The parallels between windows on chicken coops versus houses is strong. Humans are nearly half genetically similar to chickens. With windows, our houses would stink, depress us and prevent us from regulating day and nighttime.

urban backyard showing do chicken coops need windows as being yes for the glowing orange natural sunlight and fresh air

Natural Light

Chickens have biological clocks just like humans. If we as humans never saw the sun or moonlight, we’d never know how to get proper sleep. Chickens are the exact same. They require natural light to regulate themselves and stay healthy.

Without natural light gleaming into a chicken coop from windows, your chickens will fall sick or be too distressed to lay eggs. Additionally, sunlight helps dry out any moisture that arises inside the coop. This helps combat mold growth and bad odors. Natural light will also help regulate the temperature of the chicken coop.

Fresh Air

If you’ve ever been inside a chicken coop, you probably already know that they stink. No, we don’t mean that chicken coops are worthwhile. Instead, we literally mean that they tend to have a foul smell. Chickens are similar to humans without the bath/shower. Over time, a chicken coop will start to stink regardless of how often you clean it out. Having windows with the ability to open will allow you to circulate fresh air frequently. Therefore, adding fresh air will help chickens live a better life and eliminate trapped bad odors.

By incorporating windows into your chicken coop, you won’t just be doing yourself a favor. Yes, you will certainly benefit from a reduced stench when collecting eggs and tending to your chickens. However, your chickens will also be healthier as a result. This translates into a longer lifespan and more eggs for you.

Easier Check Ins

Now that you are aware of chicken coop windows necessity, you should plan thoughtfully. If you locate your windows in the right place, you can reduce the amount of disruption to your chickens while conducting check-ins. There are many reasons to take a peek inside your chicken coop. With windows, you can see what’s inside without having to enter and wake up your chickens.

Do Chicken Coops Need Windows Summary

Yes, chicken coops do need windows. Otherwise, your chickens will not be happy or healthy. Unhealthy, distressed chickens do not lay many eggs and tend to have shorter lives. An ideal scenario is to have a chicken coop with windows that intakes natural light and fresh air. Make sure to plan out your chicken coop thoughtfully. Use our chicken coop size calculator to help you find the right size. Chicken coops are hard work, but they’re also very rewarding.