Do You Need A Permit To Fill In A Pool?

Do you need a permit to fill in a pool explained

Perhaps the time has come that your pool is no longer the attraction it once had been. Contrastly, maybe you bought a nice house with a bad pool and just want to forget about it. Either way, if you’ve decided that you want to know how to get rid of a inground pool, you probably need to start with approval. Therefore, it’s often asked, do you need a permit to fill in a pool? We will explain the unfortunate answer of yes and how to easily go about getting one.

Do You Need A Permit To Fill In A Pool?

In most municipalities, you will need a permit to fill in a pool.  Even if you don’t need a permit, you do want to be sure to notify your assessor of the change so your property taxes can be reduced. Just as putting in a pool will increase your property taxes, removing one will decrease them.

In a few places around the country you are still allowed to punch holes in the floor of the pool and simply fill the pool in with dirt.  This is not the best method since you are leaving a concrete structure in the ground and you are limited with how you can use that yard space later on.  However it’s the least expensive way to get rid of your pool, and sometimes it’s the right way to go depending on budget.

What Type Of Permit Is Needed To Fill In A Pool?

Most commonly you will need a demolition permit to remove and fill in your pool.  The demolition permit will cover the breaking up of the pool and removal.  It may have some stipulations about where the debris can be disposed of and how much time you have to get the project complete. Always remember to disconnect all utilities from the pool and to locate your underground utilities by calling 811 before any demolition work takes place.

Do You Need A Permit To Fill In A Pool FAQs

How To Remove A Fiberglass Or Vinyl Liner Pool

If you have a fiberglass or vinyl pool, most often you will cut the pool or the liner into easily removable sections and take them out piece by piece.  With a vinyl pool you will need to remove the metal, wood or concrete walls and dispose of them properly.  To remove gunite pools you will need to break up the pool and have it removed piece by piece.  

Disposal of the old pool is easy with vinyl or fiberglass pools.  These usually will just go to the dump or transfer station. There they are treated just like common household waste, or if you have the option, construction waste. 

How To Remove A Gunite Pool

With a gunite pool however, the process is more complicated. You’ll need to bring the pool to a concrete recycler which accepts concrete with rebar (steel) mixed in.  If your pool is painted concrete you have an additional consideration. You will need to find a disposal company willing to take painted concrete with rebar mixed in.

How Much Will It Cost To Remove A Pool

Expect to spend between $5,000 – $10,000 to remove a vinyl liner or fiberglass pool. If you have a gunite pool, you will spend more toward $10,000-$20,000 to remove it.  These ranges can become far more expensive depending on your situation. For example, if you have limited access to your backyard and small machines must be used.  

Do You Need A Permit To Fill In A Pool Summary

Sometimes removing your pool is the best option. It allows you to build a new pool or free up your yard space for other projects. Alternatively, you may want to consider renovating your pool instead. Therefore, you can create the pool you wish you had instead of removing it from your property all together.