Great Designer Pools And Their Builders

If you are researching pools for your home and considering what to do next, you may find yourself wanting designer pools. What are they exactly? Pools with the designer’s touch are not difficult to discern from your everyday mass pool builder designed pool. There is something extra, some panache you just can’t put a finger on. Those are designer pools. There are some individuals and companies out there who are known in the industry as sources of designer pools.

While it’s easy to go on Pinterest or Instagram and find plenty of designer pools, it can be harder to find one in your part of the country. In this article we’ll highlight a few of our favorite designer pools and builders. As you prepare to choose a pool builder, you can likely rule out standard pool builders from designer pools specialists by viewing their portfolio/photo gallery online. This will show you whether or not they’re building similar pools over and over. If every project or photo looks unique, chances are you’ve found a designer pools builder.

Large backyard with Designers Pools and a spa

Dallas Designer Pools Spotlight: Farley Designs

Mike Farley of Farley Designs in Dallas, Texas is a designer pools specialist. Mike has been designing and building pools for over 30 years. In that time, he has garnered a reputation for pushing the envelope of what is possible. His portfolio is a great place to start if you are considering a new swimming pool. For those in the pool industry, Mike is an instructor teaching design theory and other subjects at the various pool and spa shows and conventions.

Austin Designer Pools Spotlight: Austin Water Designs

For designers to really stand out, they have to be able to grasp edgy details without creating a garish and tasteless final product. This can be difficult to accomplish. One company that finds this balance quite easily is my former employer, Austin Water Designs in Austin, Texas. Mark Wise, the owner of Austin Water Designs has a balanced way about him which tends to attract a balance of personality and creativity in the company. There is a spirit of excellence at every level which finds its way into the finished product.

Designer Pools In Front Of Small Pool House At Night Time

Boston Designer Pools Spotlight: Zen Associates

As we’ve said, there are companies and individuals all over the country. If you are having trouble finding companies and individuals to design your pool project you can always hire an international design firm who work anywhere. This is why I currently work at ZEN Associates, in Boston, MA. ZEN will consider and has accepted projects all over the globe. From Interiors to ground covers, from trees to fire features, ZEN will take on a project with a holistic approach. They never lose sight of the individual parts and how they interact with the whole property. If you are looking to transform your whole property, ZEN may be the company for you.

Bottom Line

It may feel overwhelming in the beginning of the process. Once you have your designer pool and backyard fully designed and installed in your yard you will forget about any stress you felt at the beginning. When you finally jump into that pool you’ve been seeing only in renderings or on paper and the stress begins to melt away through the water around you it will feel like the world has come back into balance. The patience required early in the process will transform into the peaceful sound of water flowing in the background.