Hammerhead Pool Vacuum 2023 Review

white hammerhead pool vacuum from three angles

When you see a pool service professional cleaning your pool it can be a great way to learn some good technique.  Also, of course, there are the lazy techs out there who don’t brush the walls or who don’t seem to take extra care to clean the skimmer baskets.  However, for the most part, the professional pool service technician has some great tricks for keeping a pool clean.  One thing you might notice is they don’t always use the traditional pool vacuum.  Service professionals know the manual pool vacuum head is not the fastest way to get debris off the floor of your pool.  Instead, you may notice pool service professionals prefer the Hammerhead pool vacuum.

Where To Buy The Hammerhead Pool Vacuum

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How Does The Hammerhead Pool Cleaner Work?

The Hammerhead pool vacuum is unique in the pool cleaning space.  It is designed solely for the professional who cleans pools all day every day. This is a battery powered fan driven vacuum. There is the vacuum throat which you move around the pool on the extended pole.  There is a power cord which reaches back to the vacuum cart, where the battery is located. 

The fan is located on the vacuum head. It forces debris into a bag on top of the vacuum head.  This way, as you move the vacuum around the floor of the pool, you fill the bag with the leaves, acorns, and whatever else might be on the floor of the pool.  

When you’re done using the hammerhead pool vacuum, you simply empty the bag on top of the vacuum head, coil up the cord on the cart, detach the head, and you’re done. Unlike when you use the built in manual vacuum head, there’s less maintenance. There’s no need to clean the pump basket, backwash the filter, or clean the filter cartridges.  You are not sending the debris into the pool circulation system. On the contrary, you are capturing it separately.  This is the key to the Hammerhead’s success.  

pool service professional taking a hammerhead pool vacuum out of an inground pool with luscious green vegetation behind it

Hammerhead Pool Vacuum Advantages

If you have a pool in a location with unusually high debris loads, like the Texas hill country, you may want to consider a Hammerhead pool vacuum for your own personal use.  The Hammerhead can also be useful if you have live oak’s dumping pollen, leaves and debris into the pool on a regular basis. The hammerhead can make cleaning this up a breeze.  

Also, if you are a pool service professional, you may want to consider the Hammerhead. If you are tired of relying on the homeowner’s system to power your manual vacuum head, the Hammerhead pool vacuum is the perfect fit. No need to fill the hose with water. Instead, pull the skimmer out, or find the vacuum head on the bottom of the pool.  No need to go turn valves at the equipment. Furthermore, there’s no need to clean the system when you’re done. 

Once you’ve tried cleaning pools with a Hammerhead pool vacuum, you’ll wonder how you put up with it before.  It’s not uncommon to be able to add another pool or two each day to your route with the time saved.

Hammerhead Pool Vacuum Disadvantages

For most homeowners, the Hammerhead pool vacuum is far larger, and far more expensive than you will need.  It is designed for use by commercial pool managers and pool service professionals.  It is intended to be put to work regularly.  The battery pack (which you will need to provide), will need to be taken care. Otherwise it could drain or corrode from disuse. 

Hammerhead Pool Cleaner Alternatives

If you are considering a self powered vacuum head for cleaning your pool, you might want to consider a Pool Blaster or simply using the manual vacuum head.  However, if your leaf load is huge, the Hammerhead pool vacuum is a great solution.  As always, don’t forget about robotic pool cleaners, which provide an ideal solution for most homeowners.

Here are two of our favorite alternatives with much lower price tags. The Pool Blaster requires manual effort whereas the Dolphin does not.

POOL BLASTER Max Cordless Pool Vacuum for Deep Cleaning & Strong Suction, Handheld Rechargeable Swimming Pool Cleaner…
  • INCREASED POWER: The Max offers increased vacuum suction with the Water Tech P30 Motor design engineered for quick & efficient debris pick-up.
  • WHOLE POOL CLEANER: Clean entire pool or Spot-Clean in seconds. Includes a removeable 10.5” vacuum head for general cleaning or simple remove to…
  • CAPTURE MORE DIRT: The Max features a large debris capture chamber and strong suction for a variety of cleaning; acorns, twigs, leaves dirt and sand.
Dolphin Nautilus CC Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner —  Wall Climbing Capability — Powerful Active Scrubbing Brush —…
  • The Dolphin Nautilus CC robotic pool vacuum cleaner features powerful wall climbing capabilities to scrub the floor and walls of your pool no matter…
  • With the Dolphin’s active scrubbing brush design, your pool surface gets incredibly clean. Each performance cleaning gives you an exceptional pool…
  • Get your pool exceptionally clean with the easy-access, top load fine filter basket. The fine filters remove debris from your pool for crystal-clear…