What Makes The Best Heavy Duty Weed Barrier?

black heavy duty weed barrier installed underneath white buckets of red cherry tomatoes

They say that the only guaranteed things in life are death and taxes. However, if you’re a homeowner, you can also bet on having weeds in your landscape. To combat weeds, you can either pull them, spray them or try to block them. In this article, we’ll be examining the third option, creating a heavy duty weed barrier.

A weed barrier is definitely the most preventative way to handle weeds in your yard. While pulling or spraying addresses weeds that have already sprouted up, this will stop them way ahead of time. We will briefly recap the benefits of a heavy duty weed barrier. Then, we’ll offer some material selections and recommend you what we use in our own backyard.

Benefits Of A Heavy Duty Weed Barrier

A weed barrier obviously blocks weeds from commanding your landscape. That much is clear, but what are the benefits that make a material a good heavy duty weed barrier? First, a weed barrier should block out sunlight for weeds underneath it. As off putting as they may be, weeds are plants. Therefore, they require sunlight as well as water to grow.

Next, a weed barrier should be aesthetically pleasing. Yes, you could build the ultimate weed barrier by pouring concrete into your landscape. However, that probably wouldn’t look very good. It certainly wouldn’t give off a natural image.

Finally, a heavy duty weed barrier should be able to withstand time and weather conditions. A weed barrier will absorb lots of sunlight, rain and perhaps even snow depending on your location.

Best Heavy Duty Weed Barrier: Hoople Weed Barrier

HOOPLE 3FT*180FT Premium Garden Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric Durable & Heavy-Duty Weed Block, Easy Setup & Superior…
  • Professional material: Hoople 3.2oz weed barrier has a minimal impact on the ecological environment, while also being easy to install and maintain.
  • Good for your garden: Hoople weed barrier fabric promotes soil health by allowing air and water to pass through, which supports the survival of soil…
  • Easy to install: a roll of extra thick sunlight minimizing weed barrier fabric for yard landscapes, flower beds and gardens. It’s very easy to roll…

You will find no shortage of landscape fabric options in Home Depot or Amazon. However, our personal favorite after many years of testing is the Hoople weed barrier fabric. The material is much thicker than it looks in pictures.

This fabric is really easy to install, all you’ll need is a pair of scissors and perhaps a shovel. I’ve used this fabric time and time again throughout my backyard. It has lasted over 2 years each time I used it before needing replacement.

Weed Barrier Materials

There’s pretty much no limit when it comes to what materials you can use as a weed barrier. Some last longer than others while some are more eco-friendly. Here are some popular options along with their pros and cons.

Best Overall Heavy Duty Weed Barriers: Landscape Fabric

Overall, while there are several options, this is the most effective heavy duty weed barrier. Landscape fabric is designed to resist harsh weather conditions and block weeds. Unlike other options we’ll offer such as cardboard and mulch, this fabric will allow moisture to pass and is very breathable.

large backyard with 6 gray aluminum planting bins laid out across a black heavy duty weed barrier fabric next to some green grass

Make no mistake about it, this will be more expensive than other options. Depending on the area you’re trying to cover, you could spend $50 – $200 covering your landscape. The benefit of investing this money is that this fabric will last a long time. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about any live plants in your landscape. The fabric is specifically engineered to support live plant growth.

Best Eco-Friendly Heavy Duty Weed Barriers: Cardboard

If you’re a fan of recycling, this weed barrier is for you. You will be surprised at how heavy duty cardboard weed barrier can be when applied thoroughly. Yes, eventually the cardboard will begin to biodegrade and weeds will poke through. However, if you’re seeking the most sustainable option, cardboard is a great choice.

To make the ultimate barrier, we suggest stapling together 2 pieces of cardboard. This will help thicken the weed barrier making it more heavy duty. Then, the biodegrading process will take much longer to allow weeds through.

Best Aesthetic Heavy Duty Weed Barriers: Mulch

Using mulch as a heavy duty weed barrier is easily our choice for those seeking a natural aesthetic. Mulch has many benefits as a weed barrier. Many homeowners disregard it because it’s not as consistent as a fabric or cardboard. However, it does a better job at blocking out sunlight that weeds need to grow.

One of the major downsides is pretty obvious. You will need to replenish your mulch bed throughout the year. Mulch isn’t very expensive, usually ranging from $2 – $8 per bag. Although, it’s an inconvenience to have to go to Home Depot and buy 8 – 12 bags of heavy duty mulch every couple of months.

Heavy Duty Weed Barrier Summary

Now you have an understanding of what makes a good heavy duty weed barrier. No material lasts forever, but a quality landscape fabric will last the longest. Mulch is an often overlooked solution that we believe should get more praise. You don’t need to ruin the aesthetic of a backyard with material you’re not comfortable with to block weeds.