How Close Can A Pool Be To A House?

How Close Can A Pool Be To A House explained

Most homeowners want their backyard pool to be close to the home itself. From a pool design perspective, a pool can get as close to a home as you’d like. However, the general rule to asking “how close can a pool be to a house” results in an answer of roughly 5 feet.

Homes and pools and typically not within 5 feet of each other. Why is that? No, it’s neither the homeowner or pool builder’s preference. This is a town/city compliance rule. Most areas of the country do not allow a pool and home to be less than 5 feet close to one another. If it weren’t for municipality laws, pools are capable of being built right against or even underneath homes.

Before making any pool plans or ruling out a design, consult with your local pool builder. You can also look up these rules for your city or town online. A good pool builder will be very familiar with your particular area’s rules.

Things To Consider For How Close Can A Pool Be To A House

There are a few key items to consider when deciding upon pool and home proximity. We’ve outlined a few bigs one here. Although, before planning too much of your dream backyard, we recommend talking to a professional in your exact area.

How Close Can A Pool Be To A House is about 5 feet


This is more of an item to discuss with your pool builder. However, we’ve seen the structure of pools impact house foundations and vice versa. If you are sure that you want a pool close to your home, there will be an additional cost to the average pool price. You will need to hire a structural engineer. They will review the proposed pool structure and your home’s foundation.


In northern states, a winter cover forces an additional consideration. If your pool is the centerpiece of your backyard, chances are that you’ll be staring at an ugly pool cover all winter.

Backyard Features

If your pool is not the only exciting thing in your backyard, you likely don’t want close to your home. That way, you have plenty of space to walk around and enjoy everything your backyard has to offer. We’ve seen clients with gardens, basketball/tennis courts and many other ways to entertain themselves and guests.

Bottom Line On How Close Can A Pool Be To A House

There you have it, while most pools and homes don’t get within 5 feet of each other, it’s entirely possible to have a pool right against your home or even inside. If your municipality allows it and your pool builder is competent, there is no reason you have to keep you pool and home a specific distance apart.

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