How Long Can I Keep My Concrete Pool Empty?

empty blue and white inground pool in backyard with red duck pool toy on the pool side

There are many reasons for a pool to be drained and inoperable. Whichever reason you have, it’s normal for homeowners to ask, how long can I keep my concrete pool empty? After all, whether you want to use your concrete pool again soon or not, you should keep it in good health. You never know when you may want to go for a swim or even sell your home. In this article, we’ll explain what risks arise when you pool is empty.

2 Reasons To Never Leave Your Pool Empty

First, it’s never a good idea to leave your pool empty if there is even the slightest risk of groundwater in your area.

Second, never let an uninsured contractor drain your pool. Additionally, never drain your pool by yourself. The risk of “floating” your pool increases as your water level drops. The water in your pool acts as a ballast keeping your pool in place if you have groundwater at or above your pool floor. When you drain out the water in your pool, you remove that ballast.

Pool structures for the most part are engineered to be empty of water. This is because an empty pool experiences the maximum force of the surrounding earth. When the pool is filled with water, a percentage of the force excerpted by the earth on the pool structure is countered by the force of the water pushing against the pool wall.

How Long Can I Keep My Concrete Pool Empty?

Assuming you have no issues with groundwater, and your pool is engineered and constructed properly, your concrete pool could last a very long time sitting empty. How long? We’ve seen pools last many years sitting empty without structural problems. Lasting a long time however is true only of the structure. Next, we’ll explore the piece of your pool that will see an issue while being empty.

What Depreciates When You Keep Your Concrete Pool Empty?

Your interior finish plaster can be damaged by leaving the pool empty for too long. After all, there’s a reason pool builders fill the pool with water just days after completing the plaster. Plaster can also be stained by leaves and debris that might blow into the pool. Normally when a pool is open and running, these leaves which would fall on the pool would end up in the skimmers. Alternatively, if you have an effective pool vacuum for leaves, this will also help prevent.

How Long Can I Keep My Concrete Pool Empty Shown As Being Bad For Pool Health In Backyard With Newly Finished Gray Pool

How Long Can I Keep My Concrete Pool Empty Summary

To answer how long can I leave my concrete pool empty, you must know why you are asking the question. What is the purpose for the pool sitting empty? It’s bad practice to empty a pool seasonally. In fact, it’s unnecessary to drain the pool completely if you need to get rid of high total dissolved solids. It’s only a good idea to drain the pool completely only when you absolutely have to. In doing so, leave it empty for as little amount of time you need to. Always make sure your contractor doing the draining is capable. Furthermore, confirm they’re willing to replace the pool if it floats by their actions.