How Long Does A Concrete Pool Last?

backyard pool overlooking ocean with homeowner wondering How Long Does A Concrete Pool Last?

When comparing the different construction methods for your new backyard pool project, you may find yourself considering how long each pool type lasts. When you look at vinyl the lifespan is generally considered 10-20 years between major refurbishing, with Fiberglass lasting a bit longer. Then there’s concrete or gunite pools. How long does a concrete pool last?

How Long Does A Concrete Pool Last?

Gunite pools or concrete pools have long been the most expensive way to build a pool in your backyard. Though the price is higher, you may be surprised to find the lifespan of a concrete is drastically longer. One of the best ways to find out how long concrete pools last is to look at renovations. The oldest concrete pool I’ve been asked to renovate was built in 1958. The pool was in great shape considering its age. It had been painted which wasn’t great, but structurally speaking, it was sound with no cracking. In fact, the owners decided against renovating and instead just repainted the pool and kept using it as is.

How Long Does Concrete Last?

Concrete is known to last for generations. In fact, some of the oldest concrete structures were built by the Romans and still exist today. Steel reinforced concrete however, is a good bit newer. The first known building made of iron reinforced concrete was the Leaning Tower of Nevyansk built between 1721-1725. This building still exists today and is a testament to the construction method used. Therefore, when applied correctly, concrete can last at least 300 years.

Scenic backyard with palm trees and pool with homeowner asking How Long Does A Concrete Pool Last?

How Long Does A Concrete Pool Last Before Needing Cosmetic Renovations?

If you are still wondering how long does a concrete pool last the answer will become obvious. It will last a lot longer than you will be on this earth. Yes, a concrete pool lasts a long time, but you should expect to do some maintenance and renovations over the years. A good time interval for cosmetic renovation is once every 15-25 years. This might consist of a re-plaster of the interior finish, new waterline tile, and possibly the coping. Purely cosmetic though, and the structure should be able to remain in place a long time.

How Long Does A Concrete Pool Last Before Needing Plumbing Renovations?

At the 30-40 year interval you should expect to need to re-plumb the pool as a part of the renovation. By this point you’ve typically reached the end of the useful life of your skimmers and if you’re replacing skimmers you might as well re-plumb the pool from the equipment to the shell.

This is a far more invasive renovation, but still, the structure of the pool stays relatively untouched other than chipping out the skimmers, replacing them and re-pouring concrete around them. This renovation will require redoing a good portion of the deck. If you have a sand set patio made of pavers or stone, this is no big deal, and you simply reset the deck stones after you finish the plumbing. If you have a poured deck, this becomes a bigger issue as you’d need to re-pour the areas you broke out to re-plumb the pool.


Ultimately a concrete pool will last longer than any other pool type. However, that’s not without some work over the years. Like any structure, regular maintenance is required to keep it in peak physical shape. Though the pool may require maintenance it’ll last for generations. People will enjoy the swimming pool you build for years to come.