How Long Does A Vinyl Pool Liner Last?

Blue vinyl liner pool in backyard with shade in deep end from green trees

If you have a vinyl pool or are considering putting one in, there are a number of factors you must take into consideration when planning your maintenance schedule.  From how often should you clean your skimmers to when should you expect to replace your liner.  The skimmers are easy, that’s a weekly or more activity depending on the leaf load. When you ask how long does a vinyl pool liner last?  The answer might surprise you.

How Long Does A Vinyl Pool Liner Last?

Vinyl liners if installed in an indoor pool without the suns rays beating down on them will last for decades.  However, when installed in an outdoor pool you may need to replace your liner as soon as 10 years or as long as 20 years.  Though this sounds like a long time, it can come sooner than you think.  

When shopping for a vinyl liner pool or for a liner replacement, you generally want to buy the thickest vinyl available.  If there is an option for a thicker vinyl liner, go for it.  

Why Do Vinyl Liners Depreciate?

What does cause the vinyl to become faded, rippled and torn over time?  The fading comes from two sources, primarily the sunshine beating down on the pool.  The closer you live to the equator, the harsher the suns rays will be on your vinyl liner. Therefore, the quicker the sun will make your liner brittle and faded.  Also, improper water chemistry can cause the liner to become faded.  If you make it a habit to check your water chemistry and make adjustments, your pool will not only be nicer looking, but will be more pleasant to swim in.

Rippling on the pool floor has a few different causes.  First, it can happen from poor installation technique (if the rippling is apparent immediately after install).  Next, if you have a high groundwater table, this can impact the floor of the pool also.  Additionally, if you live in a cold climate frost damage to the pool walls can cause stretching and wrinkling of the pool floor.

Tearing of a vinyl liner is caused primarily from impacts of tree limbs, pets, wildlife, and frost damage.  Also, if a bicycle ends up in the pool, or even the wrong piece of lawn furniture at the wrong angle can cause a tear in the liner.  

how long does a vinyl pool liner last shown in backyard with a blue vinyl pool and white spa looking good for 10 years

Liner Replacement Vs. Gunite Conversion

You may be thinking, why not use gunite instead of vinyl for the replacement?  To build a gunite pool in place of a vinyl is a costly endeavor. Although, it may be worth it to you. As a result, it’s always a good idea to look into as an option. While it may cost more upfront, it will pay dividends the longer you have the pool.

How Long Does A Vinyl Pool Liner Last Summary

How long does a vinyl pool liner last depends on mostly three factors. First, how well you take care of it. Second, the conditions you have built the pool in. Third, just plain old luck.  You should be able to reliably get ten years out of your vinyl pool liner. However, if you make it a habit to have an axe throwing contest next to the pool, you might find the liner doesn’t last quite as long as you’d hoped.