How Long To Fill Up Pool With Garden Hose?

It’s the time you have been looking forward to.  Maybe you just finished putting together your above ground pool.  Or maybe you finally are finished with the construction of your gunite pool.  It’s time for water and all you have to do is fill it up.  Yes there are other options like filling with a water tanker , or maybe you’ve considered making a donation to your fire department, and asking them to fill your pool.  However, one of the most common methods for filling your pool is just plain using your garden hose.  This is all fine and good, but how long will it take?  How long to fill up pool with garden hose?

How Long To Fill Up Pool With Garden Hose?

The answer depends on two variables. The first consideration is the size of your pool.  If you are filling an above ground pool look at the literature that came with your kit to see what the total gallons are.  Alternatively, if you are building custom, the total gallons should be on the plans.  If you can’t find it just call your project manager or sales person.  Finally, if you’re having trouble calculating your pool volume, see this article for more information.

Next, there’s the flow rate of your hose to consider.  Not all hoses run at the same gallons per minute.  Since you’re filling up a pool, a small change in the gallons per minute can mean a huge difference in the amount of time it’ll take to fill the pool.  

How To Test How Long To Fill Up Pool With Garden Hose?

One easy way to estimate the gallons per minute is to use a five gallon bucket.  Turn on your hose, and start a stopwatch when you put the hose into the bucket.  Time the amount of time it takes to fill the bucket.  You may want to try doing this a couple times to be sure you got it right.  Then multiply 60 seconds * 5 divided by the number of seconds it took to fill the bucket.  For example, if it took 27 seconds to fill the bucket the math looks like this: 60*5/27=11.11 gallons per minute.

How Long To Fill Up Pool With Garden Hose Shown In Backyard With Blue Pool

Now that you know the total gallons of the pool and the gallons per minute of your garden hose, you can successfully estimate how long it will take to fill your pool.  Take the total gallons and divide by the gallons per minute of your hose.  If your pool is 25,000 gallons, and your hose flow rate is 11.11 gallons per minute, your total time to fill the pool will be approximately 2,250 minutes, or 37.5 hours.

Summary On Filling Your Pool With Water

Asking how long to fill up pool with garden hose is not the only question to ask.  Filling a pool by hose is not always the best idea for some properties.  If you have a well for example, it is always a good idea to pay to have water trucked in. It just isn’t worth the potential damage to your well. 

Also, if you have a high mineral content, especially metals in your water supply, you may want to consider other options.  After waiting hours to fill the pool only to find out you need to wait two weeks for the metals to be sequestered and filtered out can be extremely frustrating. We recommend filling your pool by water truck which still involves the garden hose.