How Much Does A Pool Cover Cost?

There are many reasons to want to cover your pool. Covering your pool will help you save energy and reduce chemical use. Therefore, it’s logical to look into methods to cover your pool.  If you live in a northern climate where pools are closed for the winter, you will probably want to install a winter cover. Whether you are building a new pool or have an existing pool, there are a few different types of covers to consider. Eventually you’ll wonder, how much does a pool cover cost?

How Much Does A Pool Cover Cost?

You have many options when choosing a pool cover. Your choice of pool cover will drastically change the answer is to how much does a pool cover cost. In this article, we explore the diversity of pool covers available.

Cover TypePrice Range
Tarp Cover$100 – 200
Bubble Cover$200 – 1,000
Automatic Cover$10,000 – 30,000
Winter Cover$2,500 – 7,500

Tarp Cover

First, there’s the good old tarp.  Yes, if you have an above ground pool you can go buy a general use tarp. Make sure that it’s large enough and spread it out over the surface of your pool.  This will reduce evaporation and chemical use, but it will be a huge pain to take off whenever you want to swim.  A tarp will cost between $100 – $200 depending on the size.

Bubble Cover

The next type of cover that’s commonly used on above ground pools are bubble covers on reels.  These bubble covers are very similar to a thicker bubble wrap and work to insulate the pool.  By having the reel option you can wind up the cover whenever you want to swim in the pool.  However, these will still be in the way if you have a lot of people coming over to swim.

How Much Does A Pool Cover Cost For A Bubble Cover In Backyard

If you have an inground pool, you can use the bubble cover as well. Bubble covers will cost in the neighborhood of $200 – $500 depending on how large and how well made they are. To add a reel to the bubble cover will add $250-500 or so. If the bubble cover just sounds like too much hassle whenever you want to swim, you may want to consider the ultimate cover type.  

Automatic Cover

The automatic cover is the only cover you can put on your pool which will safely keep out anyone who is wanting to swim.  The cover is keyed so you can actually close the pool and lock it.  Automatic covers are costly to install on an existing pool, but it can be done.  The best way to install an automatic cover is to build the cover into the pool during construction. An automatic cover will cost in the neighborhood of $10,000 on the low end to $30,000 on the higher end

How Much Does A Pool Cover Cost For An Automatic Cover

Costs vary based on the construction details you want to employ.  For example, if you don’t want to see the cover mechanism and want it completely hidden, that’s the highest price version of the cover.  If you don’t mind the cover being reeled up in a deck box you see, that’s the least expensive option.

Winter Cover

Finally, there’s the winter cover.  These are mesh covers used primarily for winter safety which are installed every fall and taken off every spring.  They are installed after the pool is complete by drilling into the deck around the pool and installing bronze anchors.  These anchors can be tightened down to be flush with the deck surface for the summer, then loosened to become anchor points for the winter cover. 

The winter covers are mesh to allow for melting snow and rain to pass through the cover into the pool.  The mesh catches any leaves or debris, preventing staining and a need for excess chemical use upon opening the pool.  Winter covers typically cost between $2500 and $7500 depending on your pool and how complex it is.

How Much Does A Pool Cover Cost Summary

Keeping the heat of the sun in the pool is one of the best ways to keep your pool a few degrees warmer than it would be otherwise.  Adding a safety cover to your pool can bring peace of mind during the winter months.  In the end whatever cover(s) you choose, there is an option that fits any budget.