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How Much Does An Infinity Pool Cost In 2023?

When considering pool designs and features it’s not uncommon to find yourself considering an infinity edge swimming pool.  It’s one of the most dramatic features you can add to a pool. On the right site, it can set the character for the whole property.  We’ve all seen photos of the majesty and serenity brought to landscapes by integrating infinity edge pools. However, how much does an infinity pool cost?

 How Much Does An Infinity Pool Cost?

In this article, we will outline the many factors that affect the answer to how much does an infinity pool cost. Due to these factors, the answer of how much they cost is better given in a range rather than a singular number. It’s safe to say that a nationwide starting range for infinity pools would be $150,000 and many cost more.

We have the experience of designing infinity pools in several parts of country, most recently in Texas and Massachusetts. In New England, the infinity pools we built were sold for $150,000 – 600,000. Whereas in Texas, infinity pools started at $300,000 and increased from there.

How Much Does An Infinity Pool Cost Guide Inside Backyard With Large Tree Hanging Over The Pool And Ocean In Background

Factors For How Much Does An Infinity Pool Cost?

The cost of an infinity pool will depend on quite a few factors. Many of these factors depend on your backyard specifications. There are also many different types of infinity pool design ideas. Each of these come with a slightly different price associated.

Location Of Pool And Yard Condition

The first being the location of the pool itself. Is the yard currently sloping or flat?  Will the infinity edge be on the far side of the pool from the house, spilling back toward the house, or both?  What are your soil conditions?  Is there a risk of landslides where you live?  All of these questions are just the start of how much your infinity pool will cost.  

High Tolerance Finish Materials

Infinity edge swimming pools are more complex than your standard swimming pool.  Due to the hydraulics required to create the thin layer of water flowing over the edge, extremely high tolerances are required for the finish work which must also be factored into the cost.  Where the typical pool waterline tile may be installed at +/- 1/16”, an infinity edge weir must be kept to +/- 1/32” or better.  These tolerances translate into increased time for the installation of the finishes, and lead to an understandable increased cost.

Catch Basin For Overflowing Water

Additionally, you will need to construct a catch basin for the water flowing over the infinity edge. This is like constructing a small additional swimming pool which in most cases will not be used for swimming. This catch basin must be sized and engineered to handle the demands of the swimming pool.  

Substructure For Sloping Properties

Since infinity edge swimming pools are often installed on sloping properties, it’s not uncommon for them to be built on a concrete footing system.  This substructure supporting the swimming pool can cost as much or more than the structure of the swimming pool itself.  In short, infinity edge swimming pools can cost significantly more than your standard pool.  

How Much Does An Infinity Pool Cost Calculation

However, the typical infinity edge, not requiring a substructure and being built on good well draining and supportive soils can be estimated in round numbers. This is a rough estimate and will vary greatly from region to region and from property to property.  Often you can estimate how much an infinity edge pool will be over a traditional pool’s cost by using the following simple math. Take the lineal feet of the infinity edge weir and multiply it by between $1,500 and $5,000 per foot

For example, this means a 20’ infinity edge will add between $30,000 and $100,000 to the base cost of your pool. This is a huge range, and it certainly can cost more. However, using it as a starting point can help you consider whether or not an infinity edge is for you.

An infinity edge pool is less a backyard swimming pool as it is an art installation. Infinity pools work in mysterious ways to the untrained eye. This carries with it a premium price. It is a luxury good and as such, demands deep pockets and a desire to create the best in your backyard.  How much does an infinity pool cost depends on your backyard specifications and your perception of what is important.