How Much Room Do You Need For Pool Equipment?

Picture Showing How Much Room Do You Need For Pool Equipment In backyard by fence

Some pool features are more exciting than others. With a new pool, it’s easy to get caught up in the waterfalls, lighting, and patio layout. Often you’ll get through the whole design process without even discussing the pool equipment. Eventually, you’ll be asking the question, how much room do you need for pool equipment?

How Much Room Do You Need For Pool Equipment?

Type Of PoolSpace Required
Standard Pool6’-6” x 4’
Standard Pool w/ Heater9’-6” x 4’
Standard Pool w/ Heater + Disinfection9’-6” x 6’

How Much Room Do You Need For Pool Equipment On A Basic Pool?

Like many answers to pool related questions, it depends. First, let’s look at what the basics are. All pools will have a pump and a filter. Together these two take up about a 4’ width x 4’ length when you factor in the piping in front of them. However, most pool equipment sets will also have an electrical sub panel. The sub panel requires a 30” wide x 36” long clear space in front of it. So add that to the pump and filter and you’re up to a 6’-6” x 4’ rectangular equipment area.

How Much Room Do You Need For Pool Equipment + Heater?

Next, consider whether or not you have a pool heater. If you have a spa, you will have a heater. Most likely it’ll be propane or natural gas fired. These heaters have clear space requirements at the perimeter and above. If you are installing the equipment in a building, you’ll need to follow the venting requirements. These rules are spelled out in the pool heater installation manual. If you take a standard pool heater they’re close to a 2’x2’ square, and typically require a 6” clear space on all sides. Always review clearance requirements in the installation manual. So put this next to your pump and filter and you’re up to a 9’-6” x 4’ equipment area.

How Much Room Do You Need For Pool Equipment + Heater + Disinfection?

Now let’s think of what else might be in the equipment area. If you have a salt water pool or an in line chlorine dispenser you need to factor space for them in. Here are some helpful questions to think about.

These pieces of equipment take up about a 2’x2’ area each. Often instead of lengthening the equipment area, it is best to make it wider than 4’ to accommodate these additional pieces of equipment. Now assume you have a 9’-6” x 6’ equipment area.

Backyard lawn displaying How Much Room Do You Need For Pool Equipment via large equipment set

Pro Tip: Don’t Try To Minimize Your Pool Equipment Area

Now, you might be thinking that’s a lot of space to take up for pool equipment, and you’d be right. However, if you have the space, we’d recommend not trying to minimize the pool equipment footprint. It’s far easier to do the maintenance work necessary when you have clear space to walk and stand when cleaning filters, changing UV Light bulbs, adding chlorine to the chlorine dispenser, and cleaning out the pump basket. Many pool equipment sets are installed in such a way you feel like you’re playing Twister whenever you need to do any work in the area.

Bottom Line

Keep in mind, using the ideal amount of space for your equipment installation allows for a hydraulically superior circulation system. Often when equipment sets are jammed into a small area, the plumbers need to use more 45 and 90 degree fittings. Each one of those added increases the system pressure and reduces the efficiency of the circulation pump. Ultimately, there are plenty of ways to hide pool equipment, so you don’t need to worry about it being an eyesore.