How Much Salt To Add To Pool Calculation

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If you have recently had a salt chlorine generator installed on your swimming pool you’re probably wondering exactly what to do next.  You have the system installed, but how much salt to add to pool?  In this article we will review the steps to adding salt to your pool and how much you should expect to put in.

How Much Salt To Add To Pool Calculation

First, take a look at your salt system’s literature and find out the parts per million (PPM) of salt you will need.  There are different recommended settings based on your salt systems. The range is usually somewhere between 2400 PPM and 3400 PPM.  However, you must find the exact parts per million for your salt system before adding any salt.

Next, you need to figure out how many gallons your pool holds.  You can find this in the manufacturer’s literature of the pool if you have an above ground, or if you have a custom pool you can follow the guide we lay out here for calculating gallons of water in your pool.  Once you have the volume of your pool in gallons, you can move on to the salt itself.

How Much Salt To Add To Pool Example

Let’s say your pool is 14,000 gallons and your salt system specifies you need to set your salt at 3200 PPM (most salt systems).  If you are starting from zero, you will need 373 pounds of salt to bring your salt level up.  I know it sounds like a lot of salt, but you’ll have to get used to that going forward!

Here’s a table courtesy of INYO Pools showing gallons and pounds of salt.

chart showing how much salt to add to pool based on current salt level and the pool size

When choosing how much salt to add to pool, you soon find salt is usually sold in 40 pound bags.  You want to look for the salt specifically marketed for swimming pool use only.  Do not use snow melt or any other salt when adding salt to your pool.  There are impurities in rock salt for example which can stain the interior of the pool, and not all snow melt is sodium chloride. 

Best Pool Salt To Add To Your Pool

Our recommendation for pool salt is the least expensive option. However, there is one standout, and that’s Mortons Pool Salt.

EasyGoProducts Spas 40 Pounds Morton Pool Salt High Purity & Fast Dissolving Chlorine Generator, White
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Mortons pool salt comes with a convenient carry handle which makes moving the bags around a lot easier.  However, when buying hundreds of pounds of salt, the price difference can really add up. Therefore, here are some others to check price wise.

AQUASALT Aquasalt-40 Swimming Pool and Spa Chlorine Generator Salt-40 lbs. Pound, White
  • 100% pure, certified USP-Grade salt produced specifically for swimming pool and spa chlorine generators
  • Distribute over the widest water surface area possible for fastest dissolve rate
  • Avoid piling salt on the pool surface and brush as necessary until fully dissolved
Kissner Clean & Pure Pool Salt (40 lb Bag)
  • Formulated with non-hazardous ingredients that are safer to handle and are gentler on the eyes, skin and hair when dissolved in pool water.
  • This Premium, 99.8% soluble clean & pure pool salt is made from extra fine, quick and evenly dissolving crystals.
  • Package Weight: 41.0 pounds

How Much Salt To Add To Pool Summary

Now that you know how much salt to add to pool, make sure you do it slowly and evenly.  Spread the salt around, and brush the pool to help it dissolve as quickly as possible. It’s a real process at first, and can be a bit frustrating.  However, it’s worth it to take your time and get it right.