Easy How To Build A Backyard Ice Rink Guide

small backyard ice rink in winter

This Article Was Last Updated on January 3, 2023

One of the best feelings you can experience is skating outside in the winter. Whether you are concerned about the safety of skating on a lake or just don’t live near one, building a backyard ice rink is the ultimate way to skate all winter long. In this article, we’ll explore how to build a backyard ice rink start to finish. By the end, you’ll be the talk of your neighborhood.

How To Build A Backyard Ice Rink

Building a backyard ice rink is just as dependent on planning as the actual construction. You must decide how big of an ice rink you want. If you have a fire pit or bubble tent in the backyard, you might consider a smaller ice rink. If you want the feel of a regulation ice rink, you should allot for a rectangle of 200 feet long by 85 feet wide.

How To Prepare For A Backyard Ice Rink

The first thing you’ll need to decide is where to put the ice rink. Choose a level spot in your backyard otherwise you’ll have a difficult time. Make sure the area is clear of any rocks, sticks, or other obstacles. Depending on your yard, you may need to level your backyard if no flat areas exist. Next, measure the area you want to use for your ice rink and mark it off with stakes and string.

After deciding on placement, you will need the supplies. Gather materials for your ice rink which include plywood, 2x4s, plastic sheeting, and foam insulation. All of these are available at Home Depot, Lowes or your local hardware store. Depending on your backyard, you may need to get some additional posts and lighting. If you’ll be playing hockey, you should also pick up some backdrop netting so you don’t have to chase pucks down in the snow.

how to build a backyard ice rink step by step process

Backyard Ice Rink Construction

To start constructing your ice rink, assemble the frame for it using the 2x4s. Make sure the frame is secure and level. Then, you will cover the frame with plywood and secure it with screws. After that, cover the plywood with the plastic sheeting and ensure the plastic is tight and secure.

Lastly, you should line the inside of the rink with foam insulation. That will keep the ice cold and make sure the wood doesn’t fall apart prematurely. Once you’re feeling comfortable with the structure, it’s time to add water and fill in the rink. Target a depth of 1 to 1.5 inches for the water. Most hockey rinks ice is .75 inches thick but having some extra depth is convenient. It may take a few days for the water to freeze through depending on the temperature outside. Once the ice is frozen solid, you can start skating.

How To Build A Backyard Ice Rink Summary

Now you understand how to build a backyard ice rink from scratch. As you can see, the materials do not cost that much. Building a great backyard ice rink just takes some effort and of course, freezing temperatures.