How To Buy A 30 FT Above Ground Pool

30 ft above ground pool in middle of backyard with family enjoying the water on a hot summer day

At Backyard Assist, we are pro-pool for backyards. We’ve spent over 20 years designing pools and have even built a few above ground pools ourselves. We’re firm believers that water is better than no water on a hot summer day, whether that manifest in above ground or inground pools. If you’re searching for a 30 ft above ground pool, we have several recommendations for you to pick from. In this article, we will also explore some key criteria for evaluating above ground pools and some helpful tips prior to installation.

How To Buy A 30 FT Above Ground Pool

As with any item you consider, there are key attributes you should weigh with one above ground pool versus another. Here are some of the important factors when choosing which model is best for your backyard.

  • Depth
  • Material
  • Equipment Included
  • Customer Reviews
  • Ease Of Installation

Depending on who you’re trying to entertain, you can elect for a deeper or more shallow pool. Neither choice is wrong, it’s entirely up to you but you should decide prior to purchasing. Unlike inground pools, above ground pools are typically one depth across the entire length of the pool. If you have small children, you might want something around 4 feet. If you’re buying for a group of adults, usually speaking the deeper the better.

The material that you choose can also play a big role. Nearly every above ground pool features alloy steel, but some incorporate resin or vinyl liners too. You should also inspect the pool equipment that’s included. For a 30 ft above ground pool, you’ll need a sand filter pump and a ladder at the very least. Some models also come with a pool cover, which can combat evaporation, unwanted leaves/debris and keep your pool safer overall.

Next, don’t just take our word for it, read customer’s reviews. We’ve built hundreds of pools and other backyard structures. By listening to a larger sample size, you’ll understand if the common homeowner found it easy to assemble and refreshing. That brings us to our final key criteria, which is ease of installation. It’s standard for above ground pools to come with a tutorial brochure but some even come with an online class and community forum to ask questions. Make sure that most people found the product easy to set up.

How Much Does A 30 FT Above Ground Pool Cost?

A quality above ground pool may be more expensive than you think. Of course they’re not as much as the cost of an inground pool. However, a 30 ft above ground pool will range between $1,500 – $3,500.

5 Best 30 FT Above Ground Pool Models

  1. Intex Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool
  2. Bestway Power Steel Pool Set
  3. Lake Effect Meadows Reprieve Pool
  4. Blue Wave Belize Oval Pool
  5. Wilbar Impressions Oval Pool
family and friends swimming in a 30 ft  above ground pool in backyard near shrubs and ivy wall

Helpful Tips For Above Ground Pools

  • Avoid placing your above ground pool near trees (too many leaves + branches poke holes)
  • Consult your electrician prior to choosing a location (discuss how you’ll wire it)
  • Consider a 16 x 32 rectangular solar cover to keep your pool heated

How Deep Is A 30 FT Above Ground Pool?

Nearly all 30 ft above ground pools are between 48 and 52 inches. You can certainly find above ground pools that are shallower, but it’s very difficult to find an above ground pool with a depth of 5 feet or more. This is due to safety concerns as the whole pool would therefore be 5 feet or deeper and that poses a risk to children.