How To Buy A Pool Safety Fence: 5 Top Picks

Pool safety fence in front of inground pool with mother and child standing in front of the fence watching water move in backyard

As much as you love your pool, you can’t swim 24/7. You may want to let the dog into the backyard or let your kids play an activity without supervision. If you have a pool, being comfortable with these ideas can be difficult. To reduce your anxiety and make your overall backyard more useful, consider a pool safety fence. If you don’t want to invest into a professional pool fence, a DIY pool safety fence is your best bet. This is the perfect solution to separate the dangerous part of your yard from everything else.

Best Pool Safety Fence: WaterWarden Pool Safety Fence

waterwarden pool safety fence

WaterWarden is a high quality brand that produces pool safety fences, covers and nets. They are easily the best pool safety fence for budget-friendly shoppers. The panels of their pool safety fence are 4 feet by 12 feet, so nearly dogs and children cannot climb over it. The fence is really easy to install and move around making it perfect for heavy usage.

More DIY Pool Fence Options

Pool Safety Fence FAQs

Pool safety fences have grown in popularity over the past 10 years. We recommend them for anyone who plans to use their backyard for multipurpose activities. If you have a basketball or volleyball court, you should get a pool safety fence to be safe. Despite pool safety fences usefulness, you may still have a few questions about how they work.

How Much Does A Pool Safety Fence Cost?

Pool safety fences will range in cost due to the size of your pool and the surrounding patio. The most common size of panel you can choose is a 4 foot by 12 foot. For each 4′ x 12′, expect to pay $100 – $200. Anything more expensive is likely unnecessary. Panels closer to $50 may be too flimsy to keep your loved ones safe.

How To Install A Pool Safety Fence

Most pool safety fences are designed to be installed in under 1 hour. The first question you’ll need to determine is whether you’ll install the fence into your patio or nearby landscape. If you choose patio, you’ll need to drill into the hard surface to install the fence panels. Whereas if you elect to install into landscape, you’ll need to dig the proper holes and plant the panels. Some homeowners choose to cement their pool safety fences into the ground which of course eliminates the ability to set up and deconstruct at will.

Most pool safety fences that you purchase will come with the necessary accessories. However, if you’re choosing to create a DIY pool safety fence, you may need to improvise with common hardware supplies. The most important part of installing a pool safety fence is making sure the design accommodates how you want to enjoy and secure your pool.


Pool safety fences are a great way to temporarily separate your pool from the rest of your backyard. The WaterWarden is our favorite pool safety fence because of its high-quality material and versatility. You can even install a pool gate lock with this brand of fences. Expect to pay $80 – $200 per 4′ x 12′ pool safety fence panel. Pool safety fences are relatively easy to install. The common handyman can handle installation if you feel uncomfortable.