L shaped patio furniture couch with coffee table and fruit bowl resting on top in backyard

How To Buy L Shaped Patio Furniture – 6 Picks

If you’re decorating your backyard patio, an essential item is L shaped patio furniture. The L shape is great for hosting large parties of friends and family. In addition, the L shape provides a natural separation from other parts of the patio. This shape of furniture also makes for a great fit for where the patio ends. Maybe you’re building an outdoor kitchen and want to use this furniture as the dining room. If you’re looking for the best L shaped patio furniture, you’ve come to the right spot. We have surveyed and tested out the best L shaped patio furniture from 5 to 10 pieces and from a few hundred dollars to thousands.

How Much Does Patio Furniture Cost?

Unfortunately, patio furniture in general is unnecessarily expensive. For L shaped patio furniture, a healthy price range is $500 – $1,000. Depending on your needs (# of seats, accessories), the right L shaped patio furniture could even exceed $1,000.

How To Buy L Shaped Patio Furniture

When you’re considering various L shaped patio furniture models, there are a few things you should evaluate them on. We believe that you should base your purchasing decision on these 4 pieces of criteria.

  • Aesthetic
  • # Of Pieces
  • Accessories Included (coffee table, dining table, fire pit table)
  • Customer Reviews

The most important thing about choosing furniture is making sure it matches and portrays the aesthetic you want. L shaped patio furniture is generally a centerpiece in a backyard setting. Consider the colors and materials that you envision before short-listing options. Next, take inventory on the number of people you typically host. If you have a small family and don’t host guests that often, a 5 piece set should suffice. If you are a frequent party host, you may elect for something larger, like an 8 or 10 piece set.

Additionally, you might consider the accessories, most commonly a form of table, that accompanies the L shaped patio furniture. Some furniture models comes without a table. However, others will feature a coffee table, dining table or fire pit table combo. Similar to aesthetic, picture what you want the furniture to be a gathering place for and select based on that.

Lastly, read your shortlisted option’s customer reviews. We are confident in our testing experiences, but the scale of customer reviews will reveal if there’s any manufacturing issues and the longevity of the furniture.

6 Best L Shaped Patio Furniture

Our #1 Pick For L Shaped Patio Furniture: GDF Sofa + Coffee Table

Unless you typically host large groups of people, we recommend the GDF sectional sofa and coffee table. It’s a sleek looking 5 piece set of L shaped patio furniture that comes with small wooden coffee table. It comes in 4 different colors: beige, dark gray, red and blue. We’re biased for wood-based furniture sets and found this to be the best L shaped patio furniture set for our backyard. However, based on the criteria we outlined above, the best fit for us may be different from your favorite on this list.

GDF L Shaped Patio Furniture With Coffee Table


Due to the cost and the fact that this is usually a centerpiece, buying L shaped patio furniture is a big commitment. We suggest reviewing your ideal aesthetic, the number of pieces you want, the accessories included and plenty of customer reviews before making your decision. You can expect a quality piece of L shaped patio furniture to cost between $500 – $1,000. The most common factor in price is the size (# of pieces) you desire. Our favorite piece of L shaped patio furniture is the GDF Sofa + Coffee Table.