How To Change A Hayward LED Pool Light

backyard inground pool with wooden brown pergola above illuminated by green Hayward lED pool lights

When your light stops working in your pool it’s a real frustration.  The night swimming is no longer as enjoyable.  The magic of an illuminated swimming pool is addicting.  When it’s gone the nights are no longer the same.  You need to replace this light, but how?  How to change a Hayward LED pool light?

How To Change A Hayward LED Pool Light

Oftentimes the most difficult part of changing a Hayward LED pool light is figuring out which light type you have. There are probably more Hayward pool light options than you might think. As a home/pool owner, you can kickstart your light replacement by determining which light you have. Next, you should not attempt to change the pool light on your own. Unlike changing a light bulb in your home, pool lights are surrounded by water. You should always practice caution and hire a professional, as aggravating as that may be.

Step One: Determine Which Hayward LED Pool Light You Have

First, you need to determine which kind of light you have.  Hayward makes a few different types of lights.  You can start by looking at the fixture, and comparing to the list of Hayward lights.

To make things more difficult, like most pool manufacturers they call everything virtually the same name.  Like Pentair with their Intelli-everything, Hayward calls just about everything ‘Logic’.  All multi colored lights are called ‘ColorLogic’.  This goes for the small low voltage fixtures like the ColorLogic 320, The ColorLogic 160, the ColorLogic 80 and the ColorLogic 40.  But also, incredibly they chose to call their large traditionally sized fixtures ‘Universal ColorLogic’.

Let’s start with the traditional fixtures and go from there.  The traditional fixtures are the dinner plate sized fixtures, and the coaster sized fixtures which have been going into pools and spas for years.  These are the ‘Universal ColorLogic’ LED fixtures. Also, you may have a white light, with no multicolor capability, this would be called the ‘Universal CrystalLogic’ LED.  

If you have the ‘Universal ColorLogic’ or ‘Universal CrystalLogic’ you can replace the LED light bulb in a Hayward pool light.  If you have the ColorLogic 40, 80, 160, or 320, or the CrystalLogic 40, 80 etc., or AstroLite fixtures, you will need to replace the whole fixture when it stops working.

Step Two: Hire An Electrician To Change Your Hayward LED Pool Light

In every case where you need to replace the bulb, pull through another fixture, or touch the lights for any reason other than switching them on and off, hire an electrician. The danger of working around swimming pool lights and swimming pool electrical devices of any kind are incredibly high. 

how to change a hayward led pool light shown in diagram with three different lights blue, green and pink in different locations of an inground pool

You do not want to create that ‘sparkly’ feeling when you get close to the lights while swimming.  At worst you don’t want to create a situation where you or someone using your pool gets electrocuted so you could save some money by doing the electrical work yourself.  

Benefits Of And Why To Hire An Electrician

The benefit of hiring an electrician to do a simple bulb replacement is they will look at the entirety of the lighting system and give you a heads up if anything is awry. They need to feel confident in your lighting electrical system to do the work and get paid.  

If you need a recommendation for a good pool electrician, call your local pool contractor or service company and ask for a suggestion.  Tell them you are looking to replace a bulb or pull through a new fixture, and want to work directly with the electrician if possible.  If need be, you can also hire your service company to do the work, and they will hire the electrician.  Just know you’ll pay a little extra in markup if so.

How To Change A Hayward LED Pool Light Summary

Knowing how to change a Hayward LED pool light requires a few steps. First, you can save everyone involved some time by finding out exactly which light you have in your pool. However, after doing so, you should hire an electrician to perform the replacement. While it may not seem like rocket science, changing a pool light can be very dangerous. Preparing for how to change a Hayward LED pool light should be treated not differently than preparing for any pool renovation.