2 Easy Ways How To Clean Pool Deck Areas

clean gray pool deck in luxury backyard

Your pool deck is something you probably don’t think about all that often.  However, if you look closely, you may notice some staining under your patio table.  Also, you may see some grease marks near the pool. This comes from sunscreen wearing off swimmer and sunbather’s skin.  This is to be expected and unless you’re a stickler for showering before going in the pool and no food or drink in the pool area.  Most likely, you will have to deal with these issues eventually.  But as you ponder how to clean pool deck, you may realize not all decks are the same.  

How To Clean Pool Deck Surfaces Using Household Supplies

When considering how to clean pool deck surfaces you first need to figure out what kind of pool deck you have.  The various types of decks require a different maintenance regimen.  The type of deck will impact how you clean it, and what tools to use.  

If you have an acrylic deck for example, or ‘Kooldeck’ you probably do not want to be using a power washer to clean it.  If you do, you could potentially peel the acrylic coating off the concrete if you have the setting too high.  For these deck types soap, water, and a brush is your best bet.  

To mix up the ideal pool deck cleaning solution for just about any deck, you can use 10 parts water, 1 part household bleach, and 1 part dish soap.  The dish soap helps cut the grease from the barbecue, food stains, and sunblock.  The bleach helps with the mildew and any bacterial buildup. It’s best to use a brush with a broom handle to really get the soap and bleach into the crevices you need to clean.  

How To Clean Acrylic/Kooldeck Pool Deck Surfaces

If you are cleaning acrylic or Kooldeck, go ahead and hose off the deck after you finish brushing.  If you are cleaning concrete, exposed aggregate, or stamped concrete you may want to use a pressure washer to have the maximum cleaning effect. With stamped concrete in particular you will want to be cognizant of the fact you may have an acrylic coating which looks like stamped concrete.  In this case you want to stick with the bleach and soap solution with the hose. This should be done instead of the pressure washer to prevent any damage.  

How To Clean Pool Deck Surfaces With A Pressure Washer

Whenever you use a pressure washer, be certain you are following all the manufacturer’s instructions for use, and use proper PPE (personal protective equipment).  These are dangerous machines when used improperly. Be cognizant of windows, exposed skin, and pets whenever you are using them.  Also, watch any flowers or landscaping, as the pressure can damage leaves and even cut plants.

When setting up your power washer to clean the deck, start on the lowest possible setting and see if that gives you the cleaning power you are looking for.  Some pressure washers can be so powerful they damage concrete.  

If you don’t have a power washer, we’d recommend buying an electric power washer.  These are nice because they don’t make any noise when the trigger is off.  It’s a lot more pleasant to use, and you don’t need to worry about the gas motor creating fumes or too much pressure in the tank.  

man in blue jeans showing how to clean pool deck with a pressure washer

How To Use A Pressure Washer On A Pool Deck

While you learn how to clean pool deck with a pressure washer, you will want to start somewhere you can experiment.  As you start using the pressure washer on its lowest setting, begin by testing the effect on the area of the deck least visible.  This is a good place to practice and give you some practice working with an ideal distance between the nozzle and the deck.

Start by giving yourself about 24” between the nozzle and the deck. Then, if you don’t ‘see an impact go closer but never closer than a foot or so.  If you have an especially dirty deck and you feel the need to get closer than 12”, try increasing the pressure instead of getting closer.  It’s best to keep your distance and increase pressure. That way you can keep the width of the stream reasonable.  

For a wood deck, it’s especially necessary to keep the pressure and even pass as you complete the work.  You want the wood to all look the same after your wash is complete.  It’s best to need to do it a second time than to over do it on the first pass.  

How To Clean Pool Deck Surfaces Summary

If your pool deck has stains, don’t worry. You can either use a homemade solution or a pressure washer to clean your pool deck. For thick stains, the pressure washer will be more effective. You should use a pressure washer with caution. Use our advice to help navigate cleaning your pool deck.

A clean pool deck usually means less chance of slipping. Additionally, you’ll use your pool and its deck more often when it looks inviting. Now you know that a pressure washer is great for your pool deck. We’ve also explored power washing your gunite pool if that’s your next question.