6 Ways How To Cool Pool Water Guide

swimmer showing to how to cool pool water with both hands

When you are buying a pool initially, one of the biggest concerns is how you are going to heat the pool.  We’ve all been there, you’re ready to jump in the pool and it’s freezing.  If you live in a warm climate however, you know the opposite can be true also. You want to cool off but the pool is a balmy 90 degrees. You may be wondering how to cool pool water. In this article we will go over the various methods for how to cool pool water, and what you can start doing today to reduce the temperature of your pool.

How To Cool Pool Water Without Buying New Technology

First, we’ll focus on if you have a pool. Let’s go over some of the ways you can cool your pool water without buying anything or installing anything new. 


If you live in the southwest, you may have an aerator built into your pool. Coring aerators are also great for growing grass in this region. This is a small white piece of plastic which is often sticking out of your pool coping.  

inground pool with gray coping and green water showing how to cool pool water with an aerator

The aerator is controlled by a valve back at your equipment.  If you have an aerator, first make sure it works, then leave the valve open so whenever the pump is running, the aerator is on.  The aerator running will do a few different things.  First, it’ll increase evaporation by agitating the surface of the water.  This causes heat loss in the pool.  Second, it’ll increase oxygen levels in the pool which will reduce the amount of chlorine you need slightly.  And finally, it’ll give you a meager water feature, providing some sound while you’re out near the pool.

Waterfall And Water Feature

Next, if you have a waterfall or water feature, have this run for a set time every day.  This will have a similar effect as the aerator will in reducing temperature.  Keep in mind you will also be increasing evaporation, so keep an eye on your water level, and make sure your water leveler is working.

Solar Heating System

One ingenious method for how to cool pool water is to use solar.  If you have a solar heating system, you may not realize it but this can be used to cool the pool as well as heat.  If you run water through the collectors at night, you can use the solar system to reduce the temperature of the pool.  

How To Cool Pool Water Via Upgraded Technology

Now we’ll focus on if you don’t have a pool or you are considering adding a heating system. You may want to consider an electric air source heat pump as your heat source.  Since heat pumps will not work well with instant heating requirements, you don’t want to rely on a heat pump to heat your spa.  Depending on your climate, a heat pump may be a great fit for heating your pool however. 

Heat Pump

When it comes time to cool the pool, you can also use your heat pump to cool the pool, assuming you have a heat/cool heat pump.  Some heat pumps have the ability to operate in both directions, heating in one direction, and cooling in the other.  This is one of the most reliable ways to keep a pool at a constant temperature year round, heating in winter, and cooling in summer.  

Dedicated Chillers

There are dedicated chillers available as well.  One type of chiller is a heat pump which only operates as a cooling function.  These are relatively rare, but they do exist.  Additionally there are non-heat-pump fan operated chillers like the Glacier Pool Cooler. Unfortunately there’s no long term data on how well this product will last, but the initial reactions are good in the industry.  

Ice Bags

There is one additional method for how to cool pool water which can always be considered.  Load up on bags of ice and toss them into the pool. This isn’t the most effective method, as you’ll need quite a bit of ice to make much of a dent on the pool temperature.  In a pinch however, this is an effective method.  It’s a great way to cool a pool down for an afternoon, but obviously not a great method for the long term.

How To Cool Pool Water Summary

As you can see, there’s many ways how to cool pool water. Hopefully you have one or multiple of the design features we explained early in the article. These include aerator, water features or solar heating/cooling systems. If you don’t, there are still many inexpensive ways to cool your pool water. These will be via ice bags, dedicated chillers or a heat/cool pump.