7 Ways How To Dispose Of Old Patio Furniture

old patio furniture cushions in backyard covered in dirty

Sometimes in the excitement of purchasing new patio furniture you forget there’s one last item to take care of before you put it into place.  You need to find a home for the patio furniture you already have.  Maybe it’s well past its useful life, the fabric is torn, the glass is broken and it really doesn’t have a future ahead of it.  Maybe it’s just out of style and you need a refresher in your backyard. Whatever the case, we will help you figure out how to dispose of old patio furniture in a way that will put your mind at ease.

Easiest Way How To Dispose Of Old Patio Furniture

First, this way is assuming you are buying new patio furniture to replace the old set. Therefore, there’s an option of having the company that sold you the furniture haul away the old furniture.  In many cases you can ask them to do this and they’ll either charge you a small fee, or they won’t depending on the company.  What happens to the furniture after this point is moot.  It’s out of your life and not for you to worry about anymore.  But what if you want to have some control over how to dispose of old patio furniture?

How To Dispose Of Old Patio Furniture In Good Shape

Perhaps you want more control of how your patio furniture is disposed. If your furniture is in decent shape, you can consider these options instead.

Donate It To Goodwill

Donate to Goodwill or another charity which provides inexpensive furnishings for the less fortunate.  This is a great way to get rid of the furniture while at the same time feel good about where it’s going.  However, this will most of the time require you to truck the furniture over to goodwill, and they might refuse to take it if it’s too big and bulky and they’re running low on space.  It’s a good idea to call first before taking anything to the donation drop off center just to be sure.

Sell It On Facebook Or Craigslist

Sell the furniture on Facebook Marketplace or on Craigslist.  This can be a bit of a frustration and take a while to complete. Only do this if you feel like going through the hassle of selling and bartering. You will have to accept random people over to your home to see the patio furniture.  This option is not for everyone, but it is a great way to get some cash for decent old furniture.

Visit A Furniture Consignment Shop

Use a furniture consignment shop. This is an especially good idea if you have vintage furniture or well designed used furniture to sell.  A low end wobbly metal framed glass table will probably not be a good fit for a consignment shop, but it’s never a bad idea to try. You can call them and often they’ll appreciate it if you are willing to send photos of your furniture ahead of time. 

Then, they will help coordinate transportation of the furniture to their shop and it’ll be out of sight and out of mind until it sells someday and you get some money.  Some will even buy your furniture outright up front – especially if you are getting rid of your outdoor furniture in early spring when their demand is high.

Host A Yard Sale

idea for how to dispose of old patio furniture via a yard sale

Another great idea is to have a yard sale. This is extremely useful if disposing of your old outdoor furniture is part of a larger decluttering and/or downsizing event. Combine all of your old furniture, toys and other belongings into a big yard sale. This an especially good solution if you live in a suburban area and the weather is warm.

How To Dispose Of Old Patio Furniture Made Of Metal

Patio furniture isn’t always suitable for other people, sometimes it’s in terrible shape. Your patio furniture might just be a pile of scrap metal or rotten wood. In this case, your options are pretty simple.  If you have a bunch of steel or aluminum patio furniture and you have a pickup truck, you can take the metal to a scrap yard yourself and make a few dollars.

Before doing so, be sure to cut off the upholstery. That way you provide only metal when going straight to the scrap yard yourself.  Alternately, you can always put a photo of the pile of metal furniture on craigslist free and label it ‘free scrap metal’, and you’ll be surprised how quickly it disappears from your front yard.

How To Dispose Of Old Patio Furniture Made Of Wood Or Glass

If you have rotted wood furniture or a big piece of glass from a table, there’s not an easy option. In many locations your garbage service will have a special ‘oversize items’ day once or twice a year where you can put out a sofa or mattress which normally wouldn’t be accepted on trash day.  Call or check the website of your garbage service to find out if they do that service. 

Otherwise, ask how much they will charge to pick up the items, they might have an option to pay extra and they’ll take it away for you.  If they don’t have any accommodations for oversized items, you might try calling a private disposal company to find out how much they would charge.  


Maybe these ideas won’t work for your situation. If so, there’s always the simplest option for how to dispose of old patio furniture. Find a friend with a truck to help you haul it to the landfill. While you won’t make any money, you will gain peace of mind by having the patio furniture gone. We hope you’ve found a few applicable ways for how to dispose of old patio furniture. Parting ways can be hard because of how expensive patio furniture is to buy. At least now you have ideas to offload the furniture and possibly make some money back in the process.