4 Tricks How To Find A Leak In An Above Ground Pool

above ground pool on rock bed inside backyard with white fence

If you are convinced you have a leak in your above ground pool, all hope is not lost. Most above ground pool leaks can be repaired fairly easily. It’s rare that you will need to buy a whole new pool or an expensive part to fix your leak. Luckily, above ground pool repairs are much easier than fixing a crack in a gunite pool. However, the first step is always knowing how to find a leak in an above ground pool.

4 Ways How To Find A Leak In An Above Ground Pool

  1. Confirm your pool is losing water
  2. Feel for cracks, holes or indents on pool walls
  3. Conduct walk around pool for puddles or wet spots
  4. Inspect pool filter, pump and other equipment for leakage

If you suspect you have a leak, the first action will be confirming that you do. Believe it or not, many people will notice lowered water levels after a large party or an unusually hot day and panic that they have a leak. Chances are, you may have experienced too much splashing around or extreme evaporation. To check your water level, wait until you’re not using the pool for a period of time and locate your water line. Then, wait for 12-24 hours, most conveniently done overnight into midday and see if the water level has decreased.

Next, look for the culprit behind your water loss. You may not be able to see the leak, but examine around the pool for puddles or uncommonly wet grass. You should also run your hand around the pool’s wall and floor to feel for a leak. If you come up empty-handed around the pool, it’s time to check on the pool equipment. Consequently, inspect the pump, filter and all hoses for any signs of leakage.

how to find a leak in an above ground pool guide

How To Fix A Leak In An Above Ground Pool

The solution to your above ground pool leak will depend on a few factors. Both the location of the leak and your pool’s material will affect how you resolve your leak. If at any point you feel in over your head, you want to consult a local pool maintenance company. Even above ground pools can be difficult to troubleshoot. As a homeowner, you want to maximize your time in the pool instead of your time trying to find what a service technician could find in just a few minutes.

Vinyl Liner Above Ground Pool Tear/Hole

If you have a small puncture in your liner above ground pool, you are in luck. This arguably the easiest problem to fix. The solution does not require much time or money. You can use the Pool Above underwater repair kit to patch the hole in your pool. The only unfortunate part of this fix is that you’ll need to drain your pool. Otherwise, it’s very simple and you can be swimming again in a day or two.

Pool Equipment (Filter, Pump, etc.) Damage

If you discover that your pool equipment has been damaged by a storm or animal, your solution will be more difficult. You should consider asking a local pool service company to assess the situation. However, in most cases, the equipment will need to be replaced.

How To Find A Leak In An Above Ground Pool Summary

You should always confirm there is in fact a leak in your above ground pool before pulling your hair out trying to find it. It’s very common to realize that your kids were doing a few too many cannonballs or that you had a very dry, hot day instead of a bigger problem. Once you know you have a leak, check on your pool walls, floor and equipment to find a puncture or other damage. Most repairs or equipment replacements are quick and relatively inexpensive. If you find a major problem, you might consider upgrading to a new above ground pool.